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Full Version: Updates to my Celi
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Have had the car now for 3.5 whole days! Day 1). Washed the top and removed all kinds of yuck from it! thought the water would stain my parking place it was so nasty. Parked the car back into the Garage to dry overnight. Day 2). Bought 16 oz of black dye and applied it to the top in 3 different coats allowing 4 hours per coat for drying time. Removed all seats and vacuumed carpet, cleaned interior panels. Day 3). Bought a gallon jug of Canvas sealer and applied 2 coats of it with a spray bottle allowing 8 hours of dry time between applications. Stole the rims and tires from my 7th Gen and mounted them on the Convertible. Took the lower dash under the steering wheel apart to access the origin of dangling cut wires. I believe they were from an aftermarket alarm system and were VERY unprofessionally installed( insulation was removed from original wire, new wire was just wrapped around the oem wire and taped shut.) Day4).Applied last and 3rd layer of Canvas sealer. Removed front turn signals that were badly faded, after washing them, started sanding with 1000 and went up to 3600 grit and finally polished them out to a clear luster.
post some pics.
I have not the foggiest clue on how to add pics, I can turn these things on and break them, it appears I have to download some 3rd party site like photo bucket and them import them from there to here, Ill live with out pics until someone explains to me an easier way or an option on here to load pics...sorry but I suffer from PTSD and things like this stress me out.

I have added pics to my garage as I have yet to figure out how to add pics here in the forum.
See here

Nice to see another Celi getting some love right away. NO time to waste lol. What are your plans for it?
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