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Full Version: How early is my 6GC?
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My Celica was built in September 1993 and the serial number is 0001593. I'm wondering how early that is. I couldn't find a registry or any manufacturing statistics. Anyone know where I could get more info? Wikipedia says production began in October 1993 and that obviously isn't right.
I'm not sure honestly I'd assume.your celica is the 1593th celica ever produced in the 6th gen body style.
It's really quite common for the "new" model cars to begin being sold at the end of the previous year. So the 1994 models hit the dealerships at the end of 1993, and therefore must have begun production a little while before that.

Mine has a tag on the inside of the door that lists the date of manufacture as 12/1993 and even has a production number, maybe only because it is one of the first 500 made. No. 467.

Other people have told me they don't have this tag so I'm not certain if they only did it for the first 500 they made.
this site gives a rundown of general VIN nomenclature

The sequential number at the end(last 4) is supposed to be the number that "Identifies the sequence of the vehicle for production as it rolled off the manufacturers assembly line."
But that may not necessarily be that number of the Celica made, instead mine could be the 7389th Car that was made at the plant in Tahara, Japan of All the Toyota models made there.

Try your VIN here
Here is my door sticker.

Very interesting to know that not all Celicas necessarily have this sticker. Must find out!

I had interesting results from that VIN decoder you linked and also the one at
All Celicas should have the sticker unless it has been removed, I did a lot of research way back when, and the plant sequence number should be just that.
Your car should be the 1593rd made. If I remember correctly all 6gens where made at that plant. I used to be able to tell from the VIN within a month of when a 97 limited edition ST was produced, then I came to the conclusion there where far more than the advertised 3500 made, got pissed and quit looking into it.
I should use a vin decoder, print the entire range of plant sequence numbers I have, and sue the crap out of them. lol Maybe they would give me an LFA to keep quiet.
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