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Full Version: Celica_MKVI AT200 Build Thread
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Greetings yall!
Been lurking on this forum for a few months now. Finally decided to post and make my own project thread.

My very first car was a 5speed 1994 AT200 with no options but AC. Loved the ST but seriously lacked power. I later gave the car to my father and bought a 1996 ST204. The GT was the rare Topaz color and it was just awesome to me. I put in a full custom stereo system w/ 2 12"s, bought Sparco mesh wheels, 5 zigen exhaust, and dropped it on ST springs. I thought that would of been it, but getting left behind by vtec Integs and Preludes left a bitter taste in my mouth and I eventually caught the more HP bug. Well, by 1999 I ended up selling the ST204 and bought a used 1993.5 Supra MKIV turbo. Drove that everyday for over a good decade, and then I got a beater 95 Integra. Thought the Integ was cool for a good month, and it got old real quick for me, I later ended up hating it and eventually sold it off. Couple years ago I figure it was time to try something on the newer side, so I ended up buying a V8 Lexus ISF. Well anyways, after owning +400hp cars, it became uneconomical for me to drive either everyday to work(+70miles total a day) I figured I needed another beater daily driver. My father still had my original AT200, and it now has over 350k miles and still runs like a top. I asked for it back. He didn't mind since he is now retired and just bought himself a new car. I guess this is where I come full circle. Here I am 20 years later back behind the wheel of my original car. And after driving it daily, I got to say, I still love it. Obviously it is nothing like the Supra or the ISF, but it honestly feels just as special to me for some reason...I almost feel bad for neglecting it and not caring about it when my dad had it. It is just small, light, basic, and utterly reliable(did compression test last year and got 185psi across). I liked the fact I could park it anywhere and not worry about it.

Times have really changed for the 6GC I feel, back then in the mid to late 90s it felt there was absolutely nothing for these cars...but now it obviously has some serious potential. This is where I am at now, wanting to modify this ST and giving it some real life and turning it in to a really fun car. Being a fan of the 3SGTE, I feel that is my only option I would like to do as far as engine swaps go. So I been reading a lot on this forum. Really appreciate all the folks here that have documented their projects. I really hope folks here can help me out with my questions as I decided to do a clipless 3SGTE swap(do to limited space).

Current Mods

GTS wheels
Flowmaster exhaust w/ Sebring tip

Future Plans for my AT200
Sway Bars
Strut Tower Bars
Upgrade rear brakes to GT brakes
Engine Swap to a stock 3gen 3SGTE w/ E153 LSD Tranny
GT-Four front end conversion

Got my steering wheel in.

what kind of flowmaster is that, and hows it sound?
QUOTE (LtSolid @ Aug 19, 2015 - 4:30 PM) *
what kind of flowmaster is that, and hows it sound?

I honestly don't remember what kind. I had it installed over 20 years ago. haha
The sound is ok, not too loud but loud enough to make the car sound like it is going somewhere. laugh.gif
you will get tired of that 7A real quick, invest in a V6 swap
Reminds me of the one I had, except mine was a fully loaded ST. Was able to get 36-40 mpg out of it and nothing else that gets that is as well built, handles as well, or looks as good.
first car is always special. that's why I still have mine. hahaha.
glad to see you back. excited for the project to be started.

and that steering wheel looks MINT!
Solid place to start! Im also driving my first car (well, i had a EG civic for 2 months before, so that doesn't really count) and still have it 7 years later.
Sounds like oyu got a good plan. Mind sharing some of the threads you've been reading about the 3s swap? Lately I've been wanting to start looking into that as well.
QUOTE (Smaay @ Aug 22, 2015 - 11:36 PM) *
you will get tired of that 7A real quick, invest in a V6 swap
im really starting to get tired of mine. is it easier/cheaper than the 3sgt?
Cheaper, yes. Easier, no. But it's not rocket science either, it's not a terribly hard swap.
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