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Full Version: Exhaust Help!
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Hello Everyone, I need some exhaust help.
I currently have a 2001 celica gt that I am putting a 4th generation 3sgte motor into.
Right now I'm working on the wiring and am almost done with it, so I'm starting to think about the exhaust since that is coming up.
I would like to install a 3 inch exhaust system throughout the whole car but as far as I can see companies are only selling up to 2.5 inch kits since most normal celica owners would not really need 3 inch pipes.
Does anyone have a link to a 3 inch set up that would work with my celica?
I am doing a no-cat exhaust, and would like a better performance exhaust over sound..
thanks in advance everyone! : )
wow props to you for doing this swap. would love to see some pics.
as for exhaust since you're putting a 3s into a 7th gen chassis, most likely it'll be better to just have a custom setup.
thank you, thank you! still isn't finished though. Hopefully everything works just fine, been sitting in the garage forever, so it is going to be pretty exciting! I will put some pictures up once I have more finished. I took the engine back out so I can have access to all of the wires while I'm working on figuring out how to wire up everything.

Any idea what a ballpark number would be for 3 inch custom exhaust?
Depends on your local shop, mine would charge around $150 for a single exhaust and that's not including any mufflers etc... it's just for the labour and piping. I would consider having a few glasspacks, Magnaflow doesn't use fiberglass in theirs so they won't blow out, and then having a straight-through muffler at the end. That way it tames the volume and tone somewhat without impeding flow.
shops around me suck so until I can find a decent one I'm gonna try and do it myself or not do it yet. Lol
Nothing wrong with doing yourself if you know how to weld and cut, can make angled cuts to weld together instead of bending if needed.
Just learning as I go. Trial and error. No one to blame bit myself that way.
yeah, I'm like that too..too stubborn to pay someone unless I really know I'm in over my head. lol. I can weld pretty decent but I might just pay someone to do it if it isn't ridiculous.

Do you have any recommendations for a straight-through muffler?

thanks again fellas!
I like the Magnaflow series, seems like they're the best value. Fully welded stainless casings with perforated tubing and packed with materials that don't blow out, plus they're made here in the U.S. and sold for a fair price. Personally I like baffled mufflers since they cut out raspiness, harshness, resonance, and dissonant frequencies so for me it's worth whatever diminutive flow penalty there may be. Another thing to remember is the larger the muffler the more it'll reduce the sound level, of course the perfect level and tone is subjective but generally anything over 100 decibels can attract unwanted attention.
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