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Full Version: Hug0 1995 Celica GT
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Hi, I finally decided to present my celica here...

I am from Czech Republic (Europe)
It is 1995 st202 hatchback.
3SGE 129kw
manual A/C, roof window, 5speed manual

17" Team dynamics rims
Japspeed exhaust manifold, downpipe and de-cat pipe
H&R and Tanabe lower springs
New paint - Frozen white

To do list:
Repaint - done!
17" wheels - done!
lower springs - done!
new KYB shock absorbers - done!
new Brembo disks and pads - done!

Custom catback - not yet
new seals, belts, valves, etc.. to motor - not yet
JDM tail lights - not yet
change superstrut components - not yet
tinted windows - not yet

I bought her back in February 10th 2011 and started a long story smile.gif

There are few first photos.

And there are some actual photos...

To be continued....

And.. sorry for my english smile.gif

White with a black roof always looks good! Nice work smile.gif

Reminds me of this;

Your wheels look good too! smile.gif
Thanks man smile.gif

That shaved one looks pretty good...

Damn... I need JDM tail lights biggrin.gif

Wheels need new paint, but they are good and lighter than 16" I had before biggrin.gif Only they arenīt street legal in Czech Republic and part of Europe biggrin.gif They donīt have KBA number and seller says itīs for racing/sport use only.

I will post here some photos from past a try to explain some progress....

When I bought car she wasnīt in a really good shape. So I tried to fix and mod it.

photo with couple friends and from local meet

Maybe someone recognize these two cars? smile.gif

and somebody donīt like my new car... It happens about two weeks after I bought her...

almost forgot.. Photo from 2011 PECM in Kielce, Poland smile.gif

Something from my little photoshoot smile.gif

great job on everything so far! keep it up.
you should get some JDM tails for the rear, that would make it look really clean!
Hi, there isnīt any new progress for now... Just few photos after winter sleep laugh.gif

its quiet dirty.. needs wash up rolleyes.gif

Cheela thanks, I looking for JDM lights smile.gif

by Martin Capek, on Flickr

by Martin Capek, on Flickr

by Martin Capek, on Flickr
Hi guys smile.gif

thinking about remake second half of my exhaust system. Becouse itīs loud as hell laugh.gif
Iīm not sure about exhaust tip. What you think?

Magnaflow is kind of stock look.

or somethink like HKS HiPower?

I had the magnaflow style on my old st and it looked nice, sleek not to over done.
Hi guys... little update here...

Iīve got new exhaust tip finally... okey itīs not perfect fittment, itīs kinda diesel style laugh.gif but i like it and itīs really good progression from carbon think before...
And itīs not loud as hell!! Finally I can go in my car more then 30 kilometers without headache laugh.gif

Another update.. I finally mounted fog light covers. I really donīt know what they are (toyota or some aftermarket) and I donīt have foglights to them, but I really like way it looks now smile.gif

sound here!!

edit: some from local meet

nice fog set up very jdm ish
Looks nice! I'd recommend removing the middle spoiler post for a cleaner look.
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