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Full Version: Need help with tire sizes
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I have a 1994 ST, bone stock, clean as F, almost 60k on the odo. I bought a set of 6-spoke Sport Edition rims down in Indiana for real cheap, barely used on a Cavalier. They are 7x15's with an offset of 35 (I think, and can anyone explain what that will do to my stock 14" steel wheels with an offset of 40). I need some suggestions for tires, I'm looking for all-season since I cant afford a set of summer and winter. And if anyone wants to "educate" me on things like offset or other tips and tricks, i would be very thankful. biggrin.gif
295/55/15 or 205/55/15 would be good. For daily driving. Any will do. Just gotta remember. The stickier the more treadwear. Also the cheaper the more treadwear.
205 is a little narrow on a 7" wide wheel. The ideal size would be 215/55-15 but there's very few to none in that size. 205/55-15 is close but a little narrow and a little off on the speedo (not much, like 1mph at 60mph) only all season on TR in that size.

I would not go less than 205 wide on a 7" wheel.
225/50-15 is an option as well, also only about 1mph off (which is within the stock calibration error range) at 60mph, but TR only shows track tires in that size. With those two sizes you can search around other vendors and probably find something you like. Those Kumho above are good tires but they wear quickly if not rotated on time.
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