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Full Version: New member showing my newly boosted 7afe
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HI guys, So first off i have owned this car for all of my legal driving years ( 12 ) and it has been though many changes as i get older taste change. The car kinda grows and matures with me. I have referenced the forums many times and though it was time i join in. I am running 14 psi on a garret t25 but will soon by a lower psi wastegate to daily at around 8. Stock internals and trans. Btw the z06 is my weekend car.

Very nice and welcome to the forum. Tell us more about the turbo setup on the 7AFE
The turbo is a Garrett journal t25. I bought just the manifold and turbo from turbospecialties and put together the rest. It has a safc for tuning and injectors from a 04 Mazdaspeed Miata 265cc. Base timing is turned back 5-6 degrees and I'm running 1 colder plugs with .22 gap. The safc works well but from what I have noticed requires an ecu reset every few days. I plan on making a switch that cuts power to just the ecu so I can reset it quick and often. A few other things, I'm running a mishimoto Intercooler with a turbo xs rfl. Currently the setup is at 14 psi but I'm staying mostly off boost until I get my lower psi wastegate. Also the turbo and manifold barely fit. The manifold crushes the oil filter so relocation had to happen, the turbo was shipped clocked in such a way that the cold charge side pointed into the trans mount. To correct I had to re clock and make room for the wastegate to clear the transmission. Overall it's still my daily and when it gets its low psi wastegate I will expect to be no less trustworthy than stock.

P.s a few wins I have had since being turbo
2013 v6 mustang 305hp stock
2001 Acura TL 230hp Unknown
2003 Ford Focus svt 173hp stock
Mini Cooper s unknown
welcome! nice to see some 7a love still going on. that's a really clean celi. got any plans for it?
Maybe some interior refreshing and tweaking the turbo kit
that luster doe.

So shiny and clean.
What is the name of that paint color?
How much did it cost?

I'm looking to repaint my Celica, and have been browsing around looking for ideas.

Yours definitely stands out.
i repainted mine the stock super red. it would look more or less just like that after some wax and detail spray. could be candy apple red too
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