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Full Version: Toyota SFR
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so what's everyone think of the SFR?
sports car? miata wannabe? win? fail?

Looks like a fish
hahahhaa yeah, don't like that grill. and this is the racing concept.

here's what it looks like normally.
aaag my so ugly
"Where da plankton at doe?"
It does look like a Miata, and I like Miatas and I like Toyota so I say its a win!
Judging by what Toyota is trying to go for with this car. I'd say its pretty good. It kinda reminds me of the Toyota Sports 800, but modernized.
I think it was based on the 800. Looks pretty sweet to me!
Needs a bigger grill
Looks like a Fiat, a Jaguar, and a S2000 had a 3 way gang bang and one of them got knocked up but kept doing crack during pregnancy and then gave birth to this 6 months later behind a Waffle House.
I love the wheels and the cockpit.

I know I said this in the other topic but GAZOO racing was the people who raced and modified the st165 - st205, so it'd be awesome if they gave a gt-four successor.
Yea bigger grill for sure. It's better for aero
yeah it was based off the sport 800. Will it live up to that? we'll see.
but still, this is better than a prius sport right? laugh.gif
I would love to do this to one and drift the hell out of it. hahaha
Mhm... Looks like a Miata to me lol. Just a weird version. Miatas always have that same style. smiley face grill with the eyes... 2100 pound rwd car.. Once again a Miata thing. I don't Blame Toyota for trying to copy it haha. Miata is the most raced car ever produced...
Who cares what it looks like stock, people are going to modify it anyways. A drop, wheels, and some aftermarket exterior goodies would make it look pretty cool. I, for one, love the looks of it. I hope it lands here!
We never get anything good in the USA lol.
yeah it'll be a good platform to start with.
I'd choose this over a FRS. Any day.
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