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So, while I'm hanging out in Florida and offer came my way regarding get a 2002 SLK 320 with 114k miles. Ship quoted the guy 6700 to repair the issues. Which range from air filter, tie rod, tires, rear main seal, valve cover gaskets....Nothing really crazy. Haven't got a look personally (as I will when I move to Jersey in may).
So if I get it for a good price, fix it and sell it....maybe keep it? Figured I'd see if anyone has any experience on this car. Thanks.
I wouldn't touch it personally. Being a merc it'll probably be expensive to fix
There isn't a smart man alive that owns a merc.

Smart men lease them, return them, and get another one. Rinse and repeat.
hard price to beat, and I've already priced out parts to's just the labor that apparently sucks.
take the moneyz and put it into your celica.
Those V6's are sludge factories if they haven't been running synthetic oil and on a strict oil change schedule.
Cool, I'll keep that in mind when I look at service records.
Please don't get it! I can see it turning out badly for you
It's just an idea I'm tossing around right now. I haven't even looked at the car and there is still a two month time frame till I do. I know mechanically what needs to be fixed, but body wise I dunno. right now as it is I can stand to make a bit off it. Any other issues will drive the price down.
Only thing I know to tell you is to see what they're going for in your area. Personally I would never buy a car just to resell, sucks enough losing money on a car you like and want much less one you only got to try and make money on. If it's the manual convertible it'd make a fun weekend car though.
Yeah, it will cost me about 1.13 (plus regarding, and boutique 100 or so)....that's the only reason I'm considering it.
Threading dangerous waters with mercedes. Personally i would not own one even if i get it new. Thats why we chose a land cruiser
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