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Full Version: Inner diameter of GT e-brake drum
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Does anyone have that measurement on-hand? I was doing my ST -> GT conversion yesterday.
I rebuilt the e-brake drum assembly, slapped the backing plate on, but the rotor did not want to slide over the shoes. The shoes were both totally against that upper pivot point and the star adjuster at the bottom was all the way down. All return springs were installed. The brake shoes are brand new.
So I'm at a loss as to why this isn't working. I doubt that I ordered the wrong rotor because it fits perfectly in every other way - caliper braking is working rather well (I think I need to re-bleed, though).
Brake shoes simply had too much meat on them - nothing else was wrong other than that. Specs said that the e-brake shoes need replacing with there is <0.035" of material left and they came with ~0.13. So I had to grind down the shoes a bit and turn 0.015" off the inner radius of the rear drum and we're good to go. I wouldn't be doing this if these were ST drums and were actually doing the braking...
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