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Full Version: how do i make my car faster for cheap
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Hey guys im new to celicas and dont want to make any bad decisions or rice it out. So i just want to add some hp for cheap. Any ideas?
The age old adage. Cheap, fast, reliable. Pick two. Your "cheap" options (cheap is subjective) are an intake an exhaust. I say cheap is subjective because a decent exhaust will be ~$400-500. After that, you'll need a set of cams, which definitely aren't cheap. That's about the most you'll get out of a naturally aspirated engine without spending tons of money. The next step would be boostimg your engine (not cheap) or swapping to a more powerful engine. Power options are very limited for our cars.
Trade tour car. Lol. To make these cars faster is expensive. Period. I spent a lot on my swap.
You'd probably be better off setting fire to thousands of dollars. It's much easier and less depressing in the long run.

For real though, it's not going to be cheap. Look through the project threads on here, and see the work it takes to get these cars faster.
I noticed you have an automatic, doing an 1MZ swap would probably be your best dollar per hp. Or as mentioned if you want to go faster look into something else, the bane of 6th gens was getting only a freaking Corolla or Camry motor in the U.S. market.
focus on suspension, brakes, tires, and basic bolt-ons. it won't make your car faster but will make it handle better and make your car more fun to drive. and then when you are ready to go fast, the rest of your car is already able to handle it.
nothing would really make your car go fast for cheap except an ebay universal intake and thats not even anything (if anything). gutting your car is the closest i have in mind to cheap, lighter wheels, and exercise if you're not already skinny. sorry wish i had a more optimistic answer.
What i really want to do is what that one guy did with the v6 swap and got more hp with less saving right now for future upgrades
QUOTE (celica_lover17 @ Apr 6, 2016 - 2:24 PM) *
What i really want to do is what that one guy did with the v6 swap and got more hp with less saving right now for future upgrades

Kurt95gt has done the 1mz swap (v6). The 1mz bolts up to the stock transmission which is great. Theres tons of info to be found. Save some cash up and you could have a pretty awesome swap.
V6 swap = great option.

V6 swap ≠ cheap.
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