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Full Version: well this may be the end
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Well I just moved and my new place had my Celica towed. Although she is kept clean and I do take out at least once a week. I never registered the car when i moved to California in 2012. The title and registration was stolen by my crazy ex wife. So the tow yard wont release me the car without title. It\'s Costing me $50.00 a day. I cant get register without the title or last registration. So far I am at 350 for towing fees and according to the web site the penalty $200 + 160% of the reg fee in 2012 to register and i need it smogged and a VIN verification. I just filled out to ask for a replacement title but that could take at least a week to get. (at the minimum.) When all is said and done looks like it will cost more than my car is even worth to get it back and on the road. I am thinking about just waiting for the title and signing over to the tow yard. So sad. I put so much blood into that car doing all the work myself.


You're unable to file for a replacement title? I would have expected the DMV to allow you to do that for your car...I am not entirely sure how the DMV works since what I have to go to over here is SoS (Secretary of State).

EDIT: Whoops I didn't read the part about you filing for a replacement title. Though you shouldn't have to be forced to tow it. Like njccmd said, file a lawsuit against them.
you signed the contract, to get it tow, they know its yours, and they wont release it now. lol. they are scamming you,. threaten them with a lawsuit.
Go to the police station.
Police station, possibly small claims against the tow yard. With divorce issues pending, shouldn't be an issue to get a freeze on the daily fee.
yeah thought about calling police but Its not like they will let me drive it off. Ill give it a shot and have it towed it would be cheaper.
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