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Full Version: Andrew? Suprakid, where are u, look at this supra
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price wise good?
doesn't look like a bad deal.
You getting a Poopra?
That doesn't seem like a bad deal at all if you can get it for a decent price!
If you end up getting it immediately find and buy the shop service manual for it, trust me it'll make your life A LOT easier especially since you have vacuum and wiring to sort. Car looks to be in decent shape rodent issues aside, that and it appears to be all original. I liked my MKIII Supras, I think you'd like one too.
It depends what you want out of the car. That thing is going to need some serious work to get to the caliber of car that I know you generally build. Overall in today's market that car is probably worth $2000 as it looks to have a lot of rare options(super monitor and headlight washers being the big two) also the r154 manual transmission in that car is worth $1000 alone. However it really depends on the condition of the engine and if the headgasket was done properly. With 165k there are all kinds of things that can be wrong from the seals in the turbo to the syncros in the trans. It really varies from car to car with MKIIIs. That being said I see so many botched repairs on the car and lack of maintenance I wouldn't touch it as you are more than likely going to have to redo literally every single area of that car to make it reliable and clean again. Things to note: That is not an OEM 88 spoiler, the maf sensor is missing, the fan shroud is missing, front lip is very wavy generally due to scraping, dashboard is thrashed, and just overall the thing has not been taken care of IMO.

Mkiiis can be reliable cars with the 7m, however they have to be well taken care of constantly AFTER the 7mgte is rebuilt properly.


Mine was relatively clean overall and was a 1991 however to get these cars reliable and seriously clean drastic measures have to be taken:

well i decided to skip, it was 1 hour away from me, and did not want another project, but boy was i tempted!!!
We've had a MK4 sitting in the shop forever, I'll let you know when/if we have the title to sell it.
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