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Full Version: How To - Secure Headlight Rubbers
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This is an easy one that will take you seconds....well, other than removing the headlights from the wise all you will need is a flat screw driver.....and that's it, nothing else, not even glue. A nice weekend job to do.

So remove the headlight from the car, remove the metal clips from around the headlight by prising them off with the screw driver, there's four or five in all.

There's only three in the picture as these were spares I added too.

Only one holds the rubber in place, then rotate the rudder about an inch, you will find that the gaps in the rubber that lined up with the clips have now moved , when you put the clips back on they now can be used to hold the rubber in place too. The clips pop off and go back on quite easily, just push them back on where they came from.....that's it.....job done, you can if you want add some clips from old headlights for extra security, the headlight rubber is held on all the way around, no glue, no mess, no nothing. No need to worry about the headlight rubber ever again.

Rubber held in place just by those metal clips.

I honestly thought there was only one up top. So you say two more down where the bumper hides them cool. Thx
Theres four in total
Dam I wish I saw this before I did mine. I took them out and just used a long strip of double sided tape all the way around between the plastic and rubber and it took me so long to fit it up to my high standards hahahaha
I have made some additional clips using stainless steel wire bend it in Π-shape so the edges won't damage the rubbers and then bend it again around the rubber and headlight in spots were the oem clips could not secure. Sorry I haven't took any photos hope you can understand the concept.
My problem is the clips are gone and when I call Toyota to get some more they tell me that you can't buy the clips, but you Can buy a new set of gaskets with the clips already on them : /
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