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Full Version: Stripped nuts
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While replacing the fuel filter the nut was damaged and I'm not sure how to just replace it but wait there's more while replacing passenger side brake line the nut that connects to the line stripped and is rounded off any help ideas and suggestions please and thank you
Only way I'd know to replace the nut on the brake line and fuel line is to find a spot where you can slide the damaged nut off and slide a new one on. They're called line flare nuts, should be able to find without too much issue. If you're needing to remove or tighten until you can source new nuts you might be able to get some vice grips onto the nut to remove it or tighten it down enough.
first, you need to have been using a line wrench not a regular wrench but it's too late for that. Also if you get line wrenches the harbor freight ones are NOT ok and they WILL round over your line fittings. Water under the bridge though!

Here's what you need.

These come in small, medium, and large. They grip rounded hex extremely well without crushing or slipping and will grab onto sizes that have rusted between wrench sizes that want to round over because nothing fits right anymore. For the brake fittings you'll want to heat the line nut with a propane torch gently without getting the rubber line too hot (it'll damage it, if in doubt then just replace the rubber line). Once it's hot you can lock the vice grip wrench on and should be able to give it a pop with your palm and it'll break loose and you're golden.

The fuel fitting though, well you can't put a torch on it. You could but you'd be a real idiot to do so. You'll just have to suck it up and cut the hard line, take the filter off the car with the line attached, take it apart where there's room to work, and then put it back together using a compression fitting on the fuel line. If you twist the line that goes into the fuel filter off (like I did many years ago) then get a section of pre flared line, cut to the right length, bend it to fit, and put it together.

Youtube has tons of videos about most of what I've talked about, consult them for some great guidance. Pictures are worth a thousand words and all.
Ooooh, new tool to buy.
Yes, I love mine. Everyone that see's me using them wants some. Co-workers borrow them regularly.
Bitter that is excellent advice and good tool recommendation. I have those HF flare wrenches and they are crap. I have to find better ones. When I replaced my fuel filter the thread on the lines got corrupted. An old guy at the local hardware store showed me how to fix those threads using a fine file and I was able to screw the nut back on after i filed the threads, Took my time though.

I have braided brake lines that I want to put on my car but the upper line nut on the driver side front wheel is so jammed as it twists the line when I put force on it so I have not done that mod yet. I do have a propane torch so I will try that idea. Also I did not try to pop it with the palm of my hand. too scared to do some damage LOL.

I will try to find the IRWIN wise grip you referenced in your post above locally first. Which flare wrenches you have? Brand name?
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