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Full Version: The Legacy of the Supra Clone
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July 8th, 2015. That day marked the beginning of my journey to revive former member batcave00's 1994 5sfe turbocharged Celica Supra body conversion 3 years prior. 3 owners, a horrible paint job, and unbelievable rigging, abuse, and absence of key components later, I found myself in ownership of this beautiful mess, far from the pristine condition in which batcave had left it. I paid 1500 for it and have invested well over twice that just keeping it running and trying to get it back boosting. But the good news is, what with the blood, sweat, tears, having to get a tow several times, and the many hands that have contributed to this project (bless them all lol), I am seeing improvement and results. Right now I'm boosting ~9 psi, and the car runs well enough to get me to work and back. Far from perfect, but creeping towards the goal little by little. I'm excited to get this car back where he had it, and looking forward to you guys' help and support xD

As of late the poor car started smoking oil, and I feared the worst. Turns out the turbo seals were going bad so I bought a new cxracing T3 turbo and put it in along with a manual boost controller. No shaft play and the turbo spools, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why it struggles to build boost. I've only been able to squeeze out 5 pounds max, And that's WOT at over 4k rpms or if I'm already at highway speeds. I have check all hose connections (the turbo and MBC connections are new ) and checked the exhaust side to make sure the wastegate isn't stuck open. Any help would be appreciated guys.

Any new info on the Celica? smile.gif
Post updated
Any update? Is it building boost properly now?
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