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Full Version: Fitting stock BPV
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Hi all,

I'm brand spanking new to this forum, as I recently acquired a -95 GT4 ST205. No stranger to 6th gens though, as I've owned a GT previously.

Anyhow, I've searched the forums a bit but can't seem to find what I'm looking for: The previous owner decided it would be cool to install an aftermarket BOV from HKS, a noisy bit of kit that's really not my cup of tea. Fortunately he kept the factory BPV, but I'm unsure about the interfaces, why does there appear to be two vacuum ports? One slightly smaller than the other.
This might very well be common knowledge, but could someone please account for the interfaces on this?

The stock BOV uses two vac lines, both connect to one using a T. Google pictures shows how it is.
What's the point of two? There's a spring return.
I went into my local Toyota workshop and they came up with nothing, no schematics or parts left in production...

Dunno if my google differs from yours, but I spent a good hour browsing for pictures of the installation or some account for it, but all I find are aftermarket ones and a lot of comments about how you don't need it. That's fine but I want it.

So if you managed to google a picture or similar that shows och explains the installation, would you be a pal and post a link here?
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