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Full Version: Oil filter relocation problems!!!
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hey everyone, so here is my situation:
I'm doing a turbo setup using the 3sgte turbo, manifold, and an aftermarket downpipe. the oil filter doesn't fit, so I'm trying to relocate. I have the moroso plate to attach to the block. (doesn't fit with factory oil cooler, have to attach directly to block). I have the trans dapt adapter for the oil filter to attach to. I was going to attach the factory oil cooler to that, then put on the oil filter, but the bolt for the oil cooler is too long in the trans dapt adapter.....

so the options I see are:
1- ditch the factory oil cooler all together, and screw the oil filter right to the block.( not sure if that's a safe idea)
2- ditch the factory oil cooler and go with an air cooled oil cooler (radiator type).
3- try to figure out a way to still be able to use the factory oil cooler, (would prefer, but can't think of anything)..

anyone have any suggestions?????? this has been holding me up, and driving me crazy. any help would be appreciated
Option number one will work. back when i needed to replace my older 5sfe, the motor i bought did not have a factory oil cooler. it had the oil filter right to the block stock. granted i swapped my old oil cooler onto my new motor but you will be fine just to get it running. I would defiantly go with option two if you want long term reliability.
I used a Canton adapter and moved the filter to another location.

Clean the factory oil cooler and use it as paperweight! Then use option 2.
I have the moroso one, which is pretty much the same. but if I put it on top of the factory oil cooler, it only fits so that the hoses point toward the a/c pump....which won't work.

QUOTE (Smaay @ May 25, 2016 - 9:24 AM) *
I used a Canton adapter and moved the filter to another location.

Mine is an ST so I used a Thermostatic-controlled sandwich adapter and used an external oil cooler to ran the lines to the oil cooler. the Sandwich adapter opens at 181 degrees and sends the oil through the cooler. This way I add a little more oil to the system which helps with the oil temps. I used AN adapters and braided lines just like Smaay did.
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