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Full Version: first project car Newb
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looking for members in or near kentucky louisville area that have experience with builds i plan on getting a new engine looking at a 5sfe reman for a grand and i plan on getting a new or slightly used transmission as well however im looking at the possibility of converting to six speed if its worth it and the costs also the previous owner broke the key in the ignition so i have no acess to my liftback i was told there is a lever in the car but i cant find it apparantly thats broke to the goal is to have a turboed 5sfe by the end of 2017 if any one is near my area or just has experience i will be posting on here and keeping updates on youtube any advice or tips are greatly appreciated

there is a crazy dude up there in evansville indiana. hell show up here sooner or later.

No six speed option for the 5sfe. If your heart is set on turboing the 5s, then go ahead.

Most guys are just simply swapping beams or 1mz lately and calling it a day.

Pressure2 is the thread you need to read for your project at hand. Unfortunately i cant give you much advice on a turbo, as i went V6. But I had a beams earlier and was an easy swap.
hey i cant find the pressure2 thread i search it and was not able to find anything specific mind posting a direct link thanks

Sorry. Presure2
welcome. sounds like you have alot planned for this build. It'd be a good idea to spend a few weeks or even months on here reading through all the stickies, and even some project threads like presure2's. Is your car still running good? or are u just getting an engine on the side to build? if you're set on a 5s turbo that's fine, but like noberto said, there's other options that may be cheaper if money is an issue and provide easier gains.
There is something to be said about cost. I have had my car for 12 years and 8 or so of it was may only car. I did 90%of the work myself and on the weekends so I could drive it to work on Monday, aside from engine build and paint. It's cool to be different and for me the road was long because I started it when I was in college and saved money for every mod. Now with adult responsibilities and money it's still a ballencing act. That said near 300 wheel horsepower on 12psi is a blast vs. stock
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