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There isn't much info on the st185 even on alltrac site. I'm thinking about purchasing one but I want to know is it any good in handling. We all know the gt4 is a better car but it's not available in the USA. I don't want another mr2 I think they look way to out dated. The miata is cool I want one but the st185 seems more appealing. I know it's a heavy heavy car but other than that is it worth paying 5k+ for or find something else. Many of you guys have owned st185s or at least driven them. Also is it possible to swap 6gc interior into the 5th? I know you can swap nb interior into an na miata it isn't easy but can be done. The 5gc has one ugly interior vs the 6th. I've had regular 5th gen gt but the st185 is a whole new beast.
There is a LOT of info on Takes some time to read. smile.gif

The ST185 is more of a cruiser, than a track car.
Keep in mind, the last one was a '93, it is going to take some aftermarket support at this time to make it a track star.

$5K is a good start for a decent level ST185. Most will need upgrades, mods to make it into what you want.
Many MORE Miatas were built. There would be a tremendous amount of after market support for them; easier & cheaper.

There are aftermarket seats or other Toyota seats available for the ST185. I'd have to dig more to find them.
Custom rails could always be fabricated to install any after market seat you want ?
Whether the seats are ugly or not, upkeep and maintenance are going to be much more of a challenge than upgrading the interior.

Best regards on Your choice.
ST185 = US Alltrac & GT-FOUR for the rest of the world. As far as the seats being not as nice as the 6th Gen., I guess it's personal choice. I have both and would say I like the adjustable side bolster of the ST185, so you can adjust to your choice of snugness. The 6th gen not so much:

Here are my seats from my ST185. The rears are pretty close to the 6th gen, but are a bit deeper in the seat bottom buckets.

Oh I know it's an old car. My 2nd car was a 91 gt. I was learning toward buying another 5th gen before buying my first 6th gen but the interior sold me on the 6th gen. I don't plan to track the car I live in southern ohio we have twisty roads for days. I'm in a small town so 10 mins anyway is a twisty fun road. Rt 26 is a blast it's like kiss your ass turns left and right. I wrecked my mr2 on that road lol. Went sideways and slid into the ditch kinda. And trust me I know about the up keep haha. I had 3600$ worth of just receipts of stuff I did to my first 6th gen celica but doing the work is half the fun. I just want a clean body that's rust free if the engine isn't the greatest oh well it can be replaced.
there is a gt4 for sale in the fs section
I seen, I'd buy it buttt it's out of my price range lol.
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