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Full Version: Zephri's 95 GT
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Well after a couple years I've finally found the car I was looking for after I sold my 95 Celica ST to my brother.

Meet the one owner completely stock unraped 1995 GT. Nothing has been messed with even the CD changer still works.

It has 234xxx miles or so, four bad struts needs new rear pads and discs I'll do the front anyways while I'm at it.

It has rust in the usual spots but it was definitely a garage kept well maintained car for being in the rust belt.

It will stay stock for the most part and this will just be my I've fixed this or put this in thread.

So! Things to do.

1. Replace Struts. Done!
2. Brake pads and rotors all around.
3. Maybe replace radio, as much as I love that stock radio I love having thousands of songs on a usb drive more.
4.Tune up
5. replace shift boot, I want to mod a rubber one to fit as I hate those sack lookin' things. It's a machine not a couch. Done!
6. Rust control
7.?????? yet to come, maybe replace speakers?

interesting battery holder. lol
but other than that, looks pretty solid.
u should be able to bring back the red in the door handles and mirrors etc.
looks really nice! so clean and pretty! Good find! Engine area looks really nice too except for that battery holder. Toyota sells the battery holder hardware for not too much money. I had to buy one for my Celica.
Yeah I did notice that looked a little funky and it does get in the way of the hood prop, it'll eventually go.

I'm pretty happy with this car right now, I can't believe how much of a difference the 2.2l and a manual makes with get up and go. My other stick that this is replacing is 95 sentra with a 1.6l and it is ANEMIC.
Seems good except for the battery holder as already mentioned. Since you're replacing struts anyway, might look into Tein lowering springs or the like. There are a few nice double DIN stereos out there that'd take up the entire space and have things like USB and AUX input, I think Pioneer has a nice one for around $100.

I know what you mean about anemic engines, just imagine how terrible they'd be with a slushbox behind them. Though in fairness the Celica ST's 7A-FE wasn't that bad for what it was with the 5-speed.
Nice car man! Looks like someone took great care of it while they could, and I had a st with the 7afe it was fairly sporty but I did a 1/4 mile against a pink ford escort with pink factory rims and lost frown.gif and I can drive lol.
I think on a good day the ST could hit 60 in ten seconds flat, perhaps high nines if everything was ideal. Certainly not fast by any modern standard, but not mind numbingly slow either. Of course I drive like an old man regardless of what I'm in, the only thing that changes is how fast I get to the speed limit without drama. laugh.gif
Well the struts have been ordered and should be here in the upcoming week. Hopefully they get here before I go down to Hoosier National Forest for the weekend because I really want to drive it there, although I'm sure I'll find other suspension issues while replacing them that would make me hesitant of doing so.
Well I found the source of the of the rattling noise lol

The wheel bearing just fell apart. I checked the others and they are good. I'm going to pick one up at the local parts store Sunday.

Welp I can knock the struts and wheel bearing off the list, I also replaced the coat hanger battery hold down with something I came up with on my ST since it didn't have one either. The wheels are the ones from my ST that had good tires on them.

Ew why?

All the items I used.

Volia! It doesn't move an iota now!

I also replaced the nasty shifter boot with a leather one from the UK from ebay. it had the wrong metal ring so I retro fitted the one from the old boot. I also got a knob that is more interesting to look at and no I don't play pokemon go.

How it looked at my trip to eastern Kentucky, I had a blast driving back at 12am on curvy country roads.
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