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It has been a long while since I've posted on 6gc. I've browse occasionally, but been waiting until my car was near completion to post.

I had sold my beams swap celica and purchased this from another member Diego in Florida. Had it shipped to Texas.

Original vehicle has the E153 LSD with the 3rd gen swap. Once it was delivered I drove the car for about a month before I started working on it.

Project Completed: Goal - 350 Hp

A) converted to AWD (will take pictures of setup and write quick step process for those that are interested as it was fairly simply)
B) Resprayed with Supra white
C) Installed Blitz intake
D) Powder Coated heat shield and intercooler.
E) After market radiator
F) Installed 3 inch downpipe with 3 inch all around custom exhaust.

On To Do list:

1) Finish installing TRD wing
2) Hook up Viper Alarm system
3) Install exhaust cutout
4) Hook up led scanner bars to turn signal - 2 on spoiler - 1 each on side skirts
5) Upgrade turbo to ATS CT21 hybrid
6) Install Greddy Profec EBC (currently has manual)
7) Dyno'd by ATS
8) Get new wheels mounted - at some point when I have more time.
9) Start with engine build on spare 3rd gen engine - goal 500+ hp

Wow it looks fantastic! Well done.
Nice! I plan to slowly improve my Celica. Currently all my money and time is going into my indie film Hidden Spaceship (see facebook page). I'd be curious to hear the steps you took to convert it to AWD. I've seen people weld new mounting brackets and move the gas tank and even swap out the rear floor to do the conversion which sounds pretty complicated. I like having all the HP or my 3rd get 3SGTE on the front wheels but it means I spin tires more often than I'd like.
love the jdm broom. nice to see you are still in the game
QUOTE (njccmd2002 @ Jun 12, 2016 - 3:01 AM) *
love the jdm broom. nice to see you are still in the game

lol - Broom stick the only way to go - I think it adds extra 5 hp. 🤗
hmm nice. that lip status. #C-One Replica. is my favorite of all gt4 lips

350 what a great way to get the car to and fro. must keep up fairly nice with today's vehicles

pssst look at the rear wheel bearing im selling...
Sweet ride!
Look forward to the write up on AWD conversion. If it is that easy, I will consider it.
glad this car went to an enthusiast that would take care of it. smile.gif

looking forward to the rest of the write up.
Car looks great! Needs more purple bits. tongue.gif
looking great!!!!
Loving it, I think that car rates near the top of my all time favourite 6gc cars, it just looks .......right.
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