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Full Version: Opinion on a 97 GT for a 1st time buyer
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Hello everyone,

This is my first time in the forum. I recently found a '97 GT convertible for sale that I am planning on test driving on Monday. From what I have read about these cars, it seems that it would be perfect for my short term commuter while I am in Grad school and with 102k miles I feel confident that it shouldn't give me too much trouble. What I am curious about is the price however, as I am trying to narrow down to a number that would seem fair. The dealer is asking $3880 and the true market value seems to be somewhere between $2500 and $3000 depending on what site I use, but I am not really willing to go over $3300 and I would like to keep it around $3000.

So for the sake of discussion and since I have not actually seen the car, lets assume that it is in typical good shape for a pre-owned dealer car. Knowing what you guys know, how much do you think you could get it for?

My arguments as to why the car is overpriced (besides it being a car dealership) are that there is no cruise control and no cd player. I would love to go in there with some more information to support my argument and try to bring the price down.

Also while I have your attention, when first inspecting the car, is there anything in particular I should look for outside of the universal car inspection that everyone does?

Any help and education on this car would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and I hope to join your club!
Avoid a convertible if you can, extra parts to mantain and go wrong and dealers dont have them in stock. I love mine dont get me wrong. But you have to upkeep them
Find you a nice liftback with the moonroof, they're great daily drivers and with the liftback and fold down rear seats you have a large amount of cargo space for a small car.
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