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Full Version: Any offers for helping with replacing airbags?
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kindasad.gif Hey guys,

I got into an accident; bumper reinforcement bar bent into radiator a bit, cracked a light, cracked the windshield and the airbags went off. Ugh. Never been in an accident before and it happened in my favorite car. frown.gif So I'm thinking I can replace the bumper, the bar, the light, and the windshield, but I checked the guide someone posted here and the airbags and sensors are the things I can't do. I don't even want to attempt it on my own. My dad has tools, but it's over his head too I believe. If anyone is in the Bay Area and would want to waste away a Sunday helping me replace airbags, I'll buy the parts and whatever beer of your choosing. I honestly have very little money otherwise I'd buy another Celica and call it a day. Thanks for any info you guys can give me. kindasad.gif
wish i could help but down here in la county, best of luck sir
I'm not far away from you but I have not a clue about airbags
It's been a couple years since I owned my Celica so I don't have an example in front of me to examine. One part of advice I can give is to disconnect your battery then depress the brake for a few seconds to discharge any power remnant in the car, last thing you want to do is accidentally trigger an airbag installing it. The steering wheel should be fairly straightforward as there's a screw/bolt in each corner on the back of the wheel that holds the bag in if I'm not mistaken. The passenger side I just can't remember. Perhaps the online manual section on AutoZone has the needed information.
Ship me the car with the title. Ill fix it
here you go!
I have a steering wheel that is falling apart but afraid to touch it by myself as I have heard to me horror stories about airbags killing people trying to work on them.
In your case at least the airbags have already went off, the tricky part will be installing new ones safely. Someone said disconnect the battery then you have to deplete
the electrical charge that may still be in the system by doing something. My issue is to autocross my steering wheel has to still have an airbag to qualify.
I would definitely not do it alone, its not worth the risk.
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