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Full Version: Got My First Car
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I am fairly new to these forums, I'm 17 years old and I was actually wondering where I should begin with my car in terms of performance mods. Keep in mind that I currently don't have a lot of money for any crazy mods yet.
Go to your local autozone and go crazy with the slap on sticker vents, chrome accents and betty boop wheel covers, brah!
Welcome! As far as performance goes you're better off focusing on handling mods like springs & struts or coil-overs, rims & tires, sway bars, etc... Power wise you're really better off swapping as there's really not much to be had in the way of bolt-ons.
suspension stuff it cheaper so yeah start there. Then after you are done all that you should be an old man who can afford swapping
Along with the suspension, upgrade to GT brakes all around. This makes a big difference. To me the brakes are the ST's biggest weakness. While you're at it, get a GT front strut brace.
Welcome! My 6gc was my first car and has come a long way since. You're better off starting with some suspension mods. ST sway bars would be good as well as a nice set of struts and if you want lowering springs as well. You could always do some appearance mods too. Since it your first car I assume it's your only car and you really shouldn't swap it or mess with the engine too much since you need it to be reliable. Plus there's not much to do with the engine stock wise...
ebay intake or KNN intake/filter should give it a growl.
obx header, catback exhaust. all that won't give you much hp but it looks and sounds cool. lol

other than that, like everyone else said, go after suspension mods and just basic upkeep.
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