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Full Version: Just thought I'd throw this out there.
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Anyone pumped to replicate their very own 6th gen celica in the upcoming Forza Horizon 3? I guess this thread could be used to list paint codes, upgrade packages, and so forth once the game comes out. I have always drooled over those sexy curves, and been blown away by the accuracy of every detail. Australia looks like a gorgeous place for my baby to roam around in. Post your thoughts, hype, and general feedback! I'm pretty well informed about the series and current news so I can answer questions if you have any.
Can't wait for the new Horizon, but you can replicate your 6gc in horizon 2.
I can get pretty close to replicating mine
I own a 94 ST. The so-called Toyota street bodies obviously match perfectly. All I do to match mine is throw a chrome decepticon decal underneath the Toyota badges, make a vinyl for my IL plate, and another vinyl to make the aftermarket sunroof. Apply a metallic paint job and finely tune it to match Baltic blue. Then I toss in the generic 4cyl turbo rally engine and race transmission so I can tune the gears, do a pseudo-turbo delete, and make 5th and 6th gear unusable so it's alike the 4 speed. Then i modify the AWD diff to only apply power to the front wheels. I then match my real tire's specs and a set of similar rims to match mine. Obviously, this game still recognizes it to be in a way higher class than it's supposed to be, so I just use it to cruise around in freeroam since winning races is near impossible on the hardest drivatar difficulty.
I'll then make a GT-Four Castrol and just about max out the upgrades to keep up with the inevitable Lamborghinis and GTRs when I play campaign.

Does anyone know if there was an elaborate market for 6th gen Celica boy kits that Turn10 will finally get in touch with so we're not stuck with the same old Varis crap?
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