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Full Version: WATs 1994 celica
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Hello, 6gc! I recently bought this 1994 celica GT with a blown engine for 300$

I have already taken the blown 5sfe out of the car. Here you can see where a rod punched a hole through the the crank case , just behind the AC compressor

Poor thing had already done 230k miles and judging by the oil the last owner didn't take very good care of it.

I have chosen the celica as my next car because It's overlooked. With the vast proliferation of honda cars dominating the FWD street scene, the celica seems like an odd choice. The USDM 6thgen celicas never made anything more than 130hp and the aftermarket is nowhere near the level of any honda. People don't know about the celicas roots in the WRC. People don't know about the 3sge , or 3SGTE, or the BEAMS engines. This is why you see 100 integras for every celica, I like this. I like being underestimated.

Anyway, let's get to why I'm here. This car will be my Daily driver and something to have fun in every once in a while. I currently commute through one of the greatest roads in the world, Angeles Forest Highway. And while I still have plenty of fun in my 04 corolla manual, I feel like I have outgrown the poor thing. I taught myself how to drive stick in it. It may not be fast in the straights, but I can spank a civic or 2 on the downhill thanks to the light weight and driving the road over 874 times. However the uphill makes the corolla want to kill itself when I try to pass and it's only a matter of time before it does honestly.

My current plans are

1. 3SGE red top BEAMS swap
As it will be my DD, I still want decent fuel milage. 200 hp will be plenty enough for the mountain pass. I like the linear performance and response of a NA engine. aswell as the power band.

2. A non annoying but high performance exhaust ( I'm going to try to weld it myself, as much of it as I can atleast)

3 adjustable coil overs

That's all I can really think of right now. I'll be keeping the exterior stock, as I dont want to stick out too much. Maybe some rims in the future.

Im currently in the process of tracking down a red top BEAMS. a local importer has one for sale from an MR2 with a s54 5sp trans, and ecu with harness

Is it possible/worth it to convert it for celica use?other than the beams and toyota badges being upside down, I notice that the alternator is behind the intake, and I can't even find the power steering pump. I can't tell if that's the AC on the side of the exhaust manifold (like on a 5sfe) would the tranmission pullys even hook up right?

Would I have to modify the harness?

Can I use the stock instrument cluster?

Can I use my 5sfe air filter?

Pls post links , yes I have searched.

There is still much research to do. You can use the BEAMS from an MR2, but you'll need to buy two engines (one being from a Celica) just to make it work. And if you're buying one from a Celica, why not just use the one from the Celica? Also, the BEAMS is a fun engine but I really don't recommend one for where you're driving. 154 lb. ft. won't be very much fun in the uphill sections compared to a 3S-GTE or a V6 swap.
I see thanks for the reply. I think you're right Richie. I should just go with the 3sgte. Going to take some time for me to find me one with a uncut harness, and ECU. also going to try to get a Transmission with an LSD. I'm not sure if US MR2s came with LSD transmissions though. Or if they're compatible with a 4th gen 3sgte.

In the mean time I'm going with another 5sfe just to daily. This one's out of a 94 Camry rare BANANA top 5sfe . laugh.gif Will be good for smog atleast.

Edit: forgot pic

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