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My son has fallen into the trap of the Celica Gen6 and we are going to look at one soon,
its a low mileage (Show Car) 1996 GT, Dry stored for the last 3 years only being driven for shows and to keep
everything moving and working well, bills for over £3k in that time, Good MOT history online,
full service history? seems to be a much loved motor, owned by a older gent as well..

He wants strong money for it but if its as good as he says then it should last for a good long while..

I have no experience with this car make or model, but I do know my way around a car, is there
any specifics that will need to be carefully looked at, and is there anything I need to listen for as well
as look for, any advice would be gratefully received..

Really the biggest thing is to check for third gear synchro grind when downshifting, outside of that it's generic used car stuff. They're good cars, easily one of the best FWD cars ever made but they usually end up overshadowed by Hondas and some of the other alternatives out there. If I were to buy another FWD car it'd be another 6th gen.
Thanks for the info,

The other comm9n problem with cars from that erra is the headgasket. The original OEM gasket was not metal and was prone to fail. If the headgasket has been replaced at any point in the past you're ok, because the new one is metal.

Otherwise its one of the most reliable motors built in the 90's
I think the GT over in Japan and Europe used the 3S-GE instead of the 5S-FE like in North America and Australia, though I'd imagine head gasket material may've been the same across the board.
Just having a quick look at your info it looks like the car will be;
86.0 mm
86.0 mm
1,998 cc
132 kW (179 PS; 177 bhp) at 7,000 rpm
192 N∑m (142 lb∑ft) at 4,800 rpm
Celica GT, SS-II (ST202), MR2 (SW20)

So would I be right in saying it a Celica GT (ST202)?

So it looks like a Gen 6 Celica with a Gen 3 Engine..
It should be the ST202, you can find the chassis code stamped on the firewall in about one inch tall characters to confirm it plus there should be stickers in the engine bay for things like the emission system and etc... that'll give the engine designation. That and I think the engine itself has a plate on the intake with "2000 Twin Cam" or something to that effect.
Maybe you can tell me what you think,
Looks to be in great condition, maybe you will spot something I am missing?

It all looks to have been undersealed, a great thing with our weather in the Uk
But for me the the best part is it all looks to be standard, except for maybe the exhaust?

What do you guys think of it?
Unless of course you find one that says ST205. If so get it and save it until it's 25 years old and the Americans will be paying more than it was worth new to import it.
QUOTE (VavAlephVav @ Nov 27, 2016 - 5:24 PM) *
Unless of course you find one that says ST205. If so get it and save it until it's 25 years old and the Americans will be paying more than it was worth new to import it.

This. wink.gif
Wow, that's a beauty I'd buy it.
that's a great looking 6gc. if it's undersealed too then you're go to go.
everything looks mint and yes, it's all factory even the exhaust i believe.
i say go for it.
Yup I would buy it if the price is right. It looks all factory with exception to maybe the exhaust like you mentioned, but it's possible higher model cars outside of the U.S. got nicer exhaust or perhaps it's a high quality aftermarket exhaust that was made when the cars were newer. Being it's the original owner could always ask to find out.
It's just an optional factory chrome exhaust tip.
I guess all the Celicas I've seen over here it's fallen off then. tongue.gif

That or it was never cleaned and carbon deposits made it black. laugh.gif
Looks a tidy ST202 GT in a great colour.

Its McPherson strut, not the multi link Superstrut, going off the strut top hats. So this model comes with the UK S54 transmission not the E56 viscous lsd some UK GT's came with (and Japanese SS-II+ 94-95's too)

Usually around this time the 96' UK 3S-GE came with EGR. It doesn't look like yours has been removed, so it may have been one of the last ones.

Things to replace: the valve cover rubber gaskets, it looks a touch dirty by the intake plenum, and possibly other rubber hoses and belts, as those rubbers would be 20 years old now. Check service history to see what has been done.

Check around the sunroof for any rust.

It looks like a great Celica, and I'm sure you and your son will enjoy driving it.
Thank you guys, I have a long check list to go through when I am there,
should take around 1.5-2 hours to cover it all,

Cheela, it has been undersealed but I need to check places to make sure its not
there to cover something up, looking at the pics I have, it is as I would like to see,
undersealed but still some surface rust, signs of aging but not knackered..

Hello All, Just to update,
We got the train and went to see the car, Money in our pockets and some clothes in a bag so we could search the car for hidden traps,
I have to tell you despite what Clarkson says, the train as I great way to travel we did home to Manchester without breaking a sweat, very easy and would look at the train more often for long trips..
Back to the car;
We were met by the owner and his wife, what great people, typical Northern hospitality, nothing was too much trouble, they drove us back from Piccadilly Station to their place, he stopped at the end of the road and there she was, I have to admit I was surprised at how good it is, they made Tea and Rolls while we looked over the car, as said before I am no specialist but I couldnít fault it, apart from its all original and will no doubt give some bills down the line (but what car doesnít), happy the car was in the condition advertised or better we went inside to look over the paperwork, he again was true to his word, huge service history, many receipts for the work carried out, lots of the important stuff had been done in the last 18 months, New pulley, new clutch, new timing belt, new water pump, new NSK HT leads, new drop links, new brakes & discs. Fresh brake & clutch fluids, he was preparing it to go to France in next year, but his accident meant he cannot drive a manual car with indicator on the left, went for a test drive, again what can I say, it feels great, planted, direct steering, strong braking and very strong acceleration, I gave it a little but itís got plenty more..
My son and the seller had a conversation over the ££ and it was agreed by them not to share the number agreed, all I know is my son was the new owner of a Very Nice 1996 2.0 GT,,
I had the pleasure of driving the 425km home, we went down across the Peak District, some very nice bendy roads with hills to check the handling and power supply, if I was to drive it more I would need to change gear more often than I normally do, these cars are made to drive and we were both smiling like little kids, we got stuck in traffic, for nearly 35 minís but left her ticking over to see if the temp gauge moved, nothing not a wiggle, got home just after 9pm and parked her up..
I am a very proud Father, my 19 year old son has worked hard to get the money together, and he is the happy owner of what in my eyes a great 20 year old car, its final cost I donít know, but I would have paid the full amount as I think itís that nice..Over the odds or not, cars like this donít come round too often and when they do you just have to have them..
I hope to post or even have him post from time to time to update on how things are, and with any questions as he goes..
Thank you for all your advice, it was all considered in the final decision..
It's always nice when a car is as advertised or better for once, also nice when it's a car that's been lovingly maintained. That's how it was with my Firebird and it's the best car I've owned in terms of stupid things not happening because of abuse or neglect. The Celica should serve him well for many many years to come, and indeed tell him to feel free to join.
Once he has driven it I am sure he will get invilved,
shame you guys and galls are so far away really..
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