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Full Version: Parking lights staying on, and engine will start only once?
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Run into a new problem. A few weeks back I replaced the upper rad hose and failed coolant bypass pipe. That went smoothly. Reinstalled the airbox and flexible pipe leading to the throttle body. Reconnected the negative terminal, hopped in the car and fired it up. Nothing weird happened. Idled it for a bit to burp the system. Waited maybe 5 minutes then shut everything off. Put some tools away (maybe 2 minutes) and went to start the car to move it, but it wouldn't start. I also noticed the parking lights and dash lights were still on from when I had run the car just a moment ago.

Here is what I have noticed so far.

1. disconnecting the negative terminal shuts the lights off. reconnecting the terminal, parking lights and dash lights come on. Headlight stalk is turned to 'off' position.
2. after re-connecting the negative terminal, I can start the car. If I shut the car off, even for 10 seconds, then attempt to restart, it does nothing. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery allows the car to start again.
3. Attempting to 'start' the engine with the key after the 1st successful start does not energize the starter relay in relay block 2 in the engine compartment. Swapping the EFI and Starter relay has confirmed this is not a relay issue. Also checked the Starter relay connector pins with a volt meter. I also swapped the two relays, disconnected and reconnected the battery, car starts properly, but again only once.. I've since swapped the relays back.

So there are two issues, and they may or may not be related.

I continued to troubleshoot the lights issue. Thankfully celicatech has the 1994 Toyota Celica Service Tech Manual. I grabbed the electrical diagrams (system wiring diagrams.pdf) and started from there.
1. Disconnect the 15A TAIL fuse, parking lights go out. Car still starts once, not again.
2. Disconnect the 7.5A PANEL fuse, dash lights go out. Car appears to start properly over and over. Successfully started the car 5 times.
3. Reinstall either TAIL or PANEL fuse, car will only start once. I did try one, then the other.
4. Reinstalled both TAIL and PANEL fuses.
5. Remove steering wheel and disconnect combination switch. Parking lights and dash lights stayed on, car only starts once.
6. Remove and disconnect the integration relay. Lights stay on, car only starts once.
7. Pull out TAILLIGHT relay from jumper block 1. This took a bit of work to remove. There are three relays, the one closest to the steering column being the right one. Pulling this relay out turns out the parking lights and the dash lights. I can't remember the results from testing this. Will have to do it again.
8. Checked the battery voltage. 11.92v with engine not running. 14.3v with engine running at idle. The car does not 'hard start' or sound slow when turning over.

I did test the three relays from J/B1 on the bench and confirmed that they are working. I went by a wrecker today and picked three of those relays, and the integration relay. Unfortunately swapping them didn't yield any positive results.

Reading through this now, I wonder if the factory alarm is buggered up. It also connects to the parking lights and dash lights (flashing when you arm/disarm) and I believe is also an immobilizer. Going to start digging for that information.

This is a bit of a ramble. If anyone has other suggestions, I'm all ears.
After further testing, the Toyota Vehicle Security System (TVSS) is playing a part in this problem. This is the system in the car.

Along with this fob.

I've yet to find a source showing which system this is. Some sites indicate the TVSS III-B. Others suggest it's an RS3000. I'm leaning towards the III-B, but am still looking for definitive information.

If I disconnect the TVSS, the parking lights and dash lights go out. Reconnect it, lights come on.
If I disconnect the TVSS, disconnect and re-connect the battery, the car will not start. Will not turn over, no click from Starter relay.
If I reconnect the TVSS, disconnect and re-connect the battery, the car will start, once. I tested this a few times to confirm the TVSS was playing a part in the problem.

After more testing, I found what appears to be the ground line from the TVSS in the drivers footwell near junction block 1. I found it properly connected to the body, and was not previously disconnected. I just have it in my hand to take the picture.

It is connected with a ring terminal to the body with a bolt. The bolt also secures another ground connector, along with what I believe is the starter cut-out relay. Still trying to find the correct name for that relay. I fiddled with the relay, testing in scenarios where I know the engine would start. With the relay disconnected, the engine would never start. I've since put the relay back in place.

If i disconnect that lead, the parking lights and dash lights turn out. The car will not start, but the lights are working properly. If I ground that lead and attempt to start the engine, it will start, but the parking + dash lights come on and stay on.

I still don't have a full solution to this problem, but am making progress.
It seems like I have a fob from a TVSS III-B system. The control module looks similar but not identical. Most pictures show the III-B with dip switches to adjust the things.
It's not a VIP RS3000 or RS3200 as those modules have three connectors, and different remotes.
Can't find much info on the Toyota 5000, aka Scorpion T5000.
Does your fob still work? This sounds like something you might need a dealer to fix, like re-flashing/re-coding the fob or TVS unit. Please accept this ultra high resolution picture of my VIP RS3000 key fob as more definitive proof that you do not have the RS3000. I am so sorry for the shear amount of detail you are able to see.

Thanks for sharing the picture! Good to rule out the RS3000. As for it the alarm still working, when the wire pictured earlier is connected to ground, the fob works properly. The doors lock and un-lock properly. The running lights and dash lights stay on, even when they should flash for arm/disarm.

I did find this post on ih8mud showing the same fob and TVSS unit. I'm going to try erasing and re-programming the codes to see if it makes any difference. Failing that, the fallback plan is to hit up the wrecker to find another TVSS like mine. From this list it looks like a bunch of cars used the same TVSS IIIB.
Nothing suitable at the wrecker. Still need to try reprogramming tho.
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