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Full Version: Lightweight Flywheel
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After doing some research on flywheels for the 7A (pretty much only found 1ZZ/2ZZ flywheels), I came across a Corolla forum that said the 4AFE flywheels are a direct swap into the 7A crank. After a bit more research, I found this flywheel on Matrix Garage.

Sidenote, great website to start research and buy components on a 7AGE build...

They aren't specific on the material of the flywheel, so I decided to wait until the holidays passed before contacting them. Though, I suspect it's constructed from chromoly since it's only ~8lb and I don't see any strikingly steel plates for friction material.

Any of you guys have experience with these flywheels?
I'm having one produced at TTV racing for the 7A-FE.
Should be ready by half of January and will install it then.
The material that they use is chrome molybdeen steel because I didn't want to have an aluminium one.
Try MRP they are great when it comes to 7AGTE parts and even the 9AGTE 1.9 A series
QUOTE (Rusty @ Dec 25, 2016 - 7:03 PM) *
Try MRP they are great when it comes to 7AGTE parts and even the 9AGTE 1.9 A series

Oh boy, they've got tons of great parts. I'll keep them in mind if my dad ever wants to part with his 4A head.
However, $650 for a 5kg flywheel is whole lot. $1,800 for a full, twin-plate clutch kit. Those parts would be nice, but I'm not about to spend 1/5 of my car's value on a flywheel.
The flywheel from Matrix Garage is lighter too, at ~3.5kg. I'm gonna try and find more information on it.
Thank you for your recommendations!

Edit: ok, it's $450 and $1,200 USD... forgot prices were in NZD.
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