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Full Version: 7AFE air intake back to stock
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Hi. I'm planning to take my ST back to the stock air box and filter set up. It came to me with a half-hearted attempt to install a cone air filter already done. I've sourced the stock air box and flexible pipes. The stock box has 2 holes in the bottom part. One of these I think connects to a duct within the wing (I think this is a chamber rather than a fresh air source). The other hole I assume is for fresh air. Unfortunately whatever pipe or duct that used to connect to that hole must have been removed. Can anyone tell me where that pipe or duct should route to? Is it possible to fabricate a suitable part fairly easily? Or would I be better advise to try an source a part from a scrap yard? Many thanks for your help.
One hole goes to a large resonator chamber which may have been located inside the fender and the other to a very small air intake snorkel, which on the Corolla goes under the battery tray via a tiny passage and up behind the headlight, not sure if the Celica is the same. Honestly both those things can be omitted with out any detriment except a little more induction noise. With my old 7A Corolla I actually gained a little fuel mileage when the snorkel came out, I dropped something into it, had to remove it to retrieve it, and just never put it back on.
Many thanks for the information. I'll certainly give it a try without the snorkel, but ideally would like to reinstall a fully stock system if possible.
The stock air-box attaches to a little hole that runs into the fender and there is a plastic piece on the lower driver side of the nose that diverts air into that fender.
You should be able to find plenty of air-boxes at the salvage yard, but the stock flex hose is almost always ripped.
Many thanks, all, for the information provided. I'll look into this further at the weekend. Your responses have been much appreciated.
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