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anyone here done this head swap im looking into it. (i know its not just a matter of nuts and bolts but looking for some more input)
gallant17 also these pistons and rods from my understanding these are for a 5sge would these work with an fe series head, i dont see why they wouldnt but thats what the ad makes it seem
i think i have found the awnser after some research it is because the valve geometry is different on the ge head
There's only a handful of people who have build a 5SG engine, so getting definitive answers is not going to be easy. The information is out there, but you have to look for it. 6gc and mr2oc are probably your best resources. I'm aware of just one guy on long island who build a high-rev 5SGE - a stupid amount of time and money to get 200whp. The others are 5SGTE.

It's a fun and enlightening project, but it's not going to be cheap. If you're gonna do it, you'll have to do it for the love of it and accept the fact that you're going to lose a ton of money and spend insane amount of time on research and build. There's a reason why asking prices for built 5SG motors are 6-8k.
why a 5sge??? what are you goals with engine...
Like was said, there are some people who've built the 5s, but the problem you run into is that there just aren't many places that sell race quality kits for that motor.
On the other hand, motors like the 3sge, and 4age have loads of more potential right from stock and there are many places to get all the racing parts you'd want.
You should check out this thread

This guy's spent a lot of $dow on the 5s only to have it keep breaking. It seems the 5s wasn't built with an oil pump to handle more power. And in this case more displacement doesn't necessarily mean more power. The 5s(2.2) has a larger stroke than bore which is good for fuel but makes it rev slower, the 3s(2.0) is a square motor, and the 4a(1.6) has a larger bore than stroke. Those fundamental dimensions have a great effect on the natural behavior of the engine and so the 3S or 4A with the GE head already on it is ultimately the better choice. If you compare Because you would have to change the computer and a bunch of wiring to put a GE head on a 5S anyway so you will be better off putting the whole 3SGE in there since it has more upgrade potential. And the 3SGE bolts right up to the same transmission that comes with your 5SFE.

This is my own personal summation of this topic which comes up often. The 5SFE was originally the Camry motor and with the valve angle of the FE head the motor can't breathe faster than 6,000 rpm and was not made to spin higher than that. With the GE head you can spin it higher and higher and it will keep making more power, as long as your internals are strong enough.
buy an altezza motor, buy an rav4 beams motor, make custom passenger mount, hunt down 3sge beams redtop header, bore out the crappy toyota welds on the header. make a custom b-pipe, stand alone ecu. use rav4 beams redtop inernals to make a hybid altezza motor. then you have 200whp. yay....

and buy my fujitsubo legalis exhaust....
yeah after more research i have realized that its not the most feasable option it would be super cool just would take a ton of time and money
Honestly, I just built a 5sfe, all I did was shaved the head, clean and polish ports, exhaust, and minor intake work. top it off with an aggressive cam (ive got a delta 262 in it) and it makes a nice rumble and drive beautifully. In my personally opinion it sounds like a classic 22re in the old celicas from the 70s. so build it for what you want man, don't go chasing dyno dragons.
For what it would cost to build something like that you might as well buy a cheap SC400 or something.
better off with a gen4 3S-GTE
I saw an MR2 with a 2.2L 5SGTE , said he had upgraded all the internals and the ports, cams, springs, shims, and a badass turbo. Said he had spent more than $20k on the car, and he was selling it for only $12k, and probably didn't get that out of it.
I bought my GT with the intesions in putting a small turbo on it not to race or be a dyno queen but just to have some extra power but from all i have gathered it is a huge waste to add BOOST, small bolt ons and leave it alone. I have chosen to upgrade the suspension and thats it.
I will not waste the time on a motor swap either, for me its cheaper to purchase a NON 2.2 Celica and vet busy on it.....
Yeah, I found a 1989 Corolla GTS with a 4AGE stock, and no power windows, airbags, or anti-lock brakes and weighs 500 lb less than the Celica. So I'm going to focus on building that instead. The Celica is still my dependable daily driver.
Now, If I find a 5th gen Alltrac I may build that.
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