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Full Version: New on the Celica scene
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So I just bought a 1994 Celica ST AT200 as my very first car, and since it is basically completely stock, i'd like to make it more personal. One of the first things I did was swap out the old 7A-FE (which had 150k+ miles) to a newer one which had 54k. I also checked over multiple parts for basic wear and tear and most of the suspension parts had just recently been replaced. One of the things I've noticed from driving is how much the car flexes, so I decided to look around for some strut bars to see if that will stiffen it up. After looking for multiple hours I didn't find anything for an AT200, but I did find ones that fit on an ST202 and others that fit on an ST204. As my car only has the 1.8L I was concerned as to whether the strut bars would fit properly. (engine clearance, bolt positions) I would appreciate any help with my situation. Thanks. smile.gif

Also if you guys know of any good sites to find parts please let me know.
another local(ish) celica owner!

Yes the 202/204 bars will fit on your chassis
go ahead and swipe that card

Yup the ST20X strut bars fit onto the AT200. In addition or even prior I'd also consider some good springs/struts or coil-overs along with some sway bars. Between all that and some nice summer tires it'll handle like it's on rails, heck mine only had Tein springs and KYB struts with crappy all seasons and it still handled great. If you're into handling, aerodynamics, and all that jazz you should check out Tigawoods' project thread linked in his signature.
The first thing to be done - is to throw 7A-FE and put 3S-GTE.
Then brakes. wink.gif
Yes, best thing you can do for the ST is to beef up the suspension. It makes it so much fun to drive.
I have an ST as well and have done most of the suspension upgrades aside from sway bars and I thrash on it all the time.
if you're looking for a good stut bar, I would suggest shelling out some cash for a TRD one or a C-one bar if u can find it.

other than that, welcome and please feel free to dive through the endless amount of info on the site. TONS of reading to be had. and please ask questions. smile.gif
The 7A is good for what it is and what it does though, personally if I was buying another Celica that wasn't swapped or with the intentions of never swapping it'd probably be another ST since they're a good 150 pounds lighter than the GT and I was able to get like 36-40 mpg out of it. Also ditto on cheela's suggestion of the TRD or C-one strut bars if possible.
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