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Full Version: 1996 GT4 ST205 JDM
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Good morning 6G,

I'm new to Celica's and have only owned one other Toyota. However this is car number 17 for me as I have a tendacy to get boreds with my cars and quickly and sell them.

The new Celica I have purchased has come with a small set of issues that I plan on addressing ASAP as my Japanese Inspection will be due mid May.

The immediate issues I have found include:
-map lights not working
- wierd A-Pillar light works only when squeezed (Any idea what this is called? Or if that is how it supposed to work?)
- Radio antenna not moving
- clock radio not powered
-most major issue I see/ hear is when at a complete stop or moving very slowly there's a knock/thud from the driver side wheel. The previous owner believed it was a gromet that is part of the super strut suspension on that side. Obviously I'm not familiar with the super strut suspension but hope to become more familiar with it over time.
-Clean and buff, as the last owner waxed but never seemed to finish.

If anyone has any recomendations on addressing any of these issues information will be appreciated.

In the mean time I plan on diving into the electrical side of the car this weekend or being on a lift for further inspection.

I will be updating my project in the following space.
Wow !!! Wow !!! ST-205, but still STOCK!
Wheels - Restayl very good.
The microphone is in the photo can be seen? Or what is it?
Welcome! Nice car. thumbsup.gif The map lights not working are probably just the bulbs burnt out, power antenna failing is common, sometimes the clock in the top of the dash burns out but it's easily replaced. Don't hold me to it but the light on the A-pillar is an optional telescoping map light that was only available in Japan, at any rate it only working while squeezed would make sense so I don't see anything wrong there. As far as the knocking sound it does seem to indicate a bushing that needs replaced, but some of the members here have SuperStrut cars so they could better aim you than I.
About the suspension can be read here:
QUOTE (Wild202 @ Jan 20, 2017 - 12:52 PM) *
Wow !!! Wow !!! ST-205, but still STOCK!
Wheels - Restayl very good.
The microphone is in the photo can be seen? Or what is it?

Yea it's seems well kept it does have a 159,000 KM so has ben used somewhat.

Restayl? Not familiar with that word.

So it's a flashlight of some sort. It appears stock and the previous owner says it was. If squeezed it comes on but I'm not sure if that's how it is supposed to work.

SO from research it it sounds like either a loose bolt on the bananna arm, the figure eight, or a bushing as U/Box said. Hopefully I'll have time to get her on a lift ASAP.
Thanks for the forum links as well.
Restayl - Re styling. This update appearance of cars.
On ST 202-205 it was after 1996. before 1996 there were other wheels (there were three broad beam).
Perhaps you have a car 1999, previously did not put the flashlight.

My current problem is interior light issues this includes (courtesy, dome/ personal, and luggage lights, and clock not illimunating/ on.

I found the 10a Dome light to be blown. Upoun replacing it was blown immediately. Upoun research on a digital copy of the tech manual ( I see that most of the dome fuse powers to J/B 1.

I removed the kick panel to access J/B1. I found that the removal of the lowest plug (on J/B1) prevents the 10a Dome fuse from being blown. This also restores the dome light, clock, courtesy lights, and dinger (I forgot that existed!).

I believe (as far as testing goes) that this plug relates to the brake and turning signal lights as while this plug is not connected the tail light warning signal and none of the said lights work.

I believe the plug in relation to the brake lights is pulling to much power or cross wired with the dome lights. I see no relation that the Dome fuse and brake lights should have in common.

I'm asking anyone that access to detailed diagrams or sees something I missed to please assist.
I have access to usdm celica wiring diagram pm me if u want to use it
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