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Full Version: No Reverse, Neutral engages and drives?
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Hi Guys,

I am having issues with a 1992 (not a 6gc but hey) with a 3sge and an automatic transmission which I recently picked up, the issue is that there is no reverse gear.

The car goes forward fine in Drive, 2 and L and oddly enough, it acts like its in drive when Neutral is selected.

I have jacked the car up and removed the gear selected from the transmission and selected gears by hand and watched the wheels/transmission react.

- In Park the wheels lock up fine.
- In reverse the wheels start to propel forward and then theres a bit of a clunk and the wheels stop.
- In Neutral the transmission act as if its in drive and tries to propel the car forward
- As above for D,2,L

I am think at this stage that the trans is toast but could there be any malfunction in just the selector?

The previous owner reckons they were reversing then slamming it into drive to skid it up. Idiots.
Likely is a damaged trans but wouldn't hurt to drop the pan and check for any parts loose in the pan like check balls or the like. Neutral pulling forward would indicated the trans is applying fluid to the wrong part at the wrong time, usually a stuck valve/servo or a part fallen out, ditto on the reverse since low and reverse share some parts.
Awesome thanks for the input Bitter, I'll have a look at dropping the pan and see what I can find.

I think it will just be easier if there is damage to replace it outright, never mucked around with an automatic transmission before.

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