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Full Version: 3sgte st205 engine
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so i just created this account. I've had my beautiful 1994 toyota celica st for a couple of years and i am planning on doing an engine swap. Do i need to make the car all wheel drive to put a 3sgte gt-4 engine? How much would the total swap be and for it to be running as a DD? possibly pushing close to 400hp... please help me out
Welcome to the site..please take time to read the stickies and browse through the Builds/projects sub forum
This is a very documented swap and many people have done it.

there is also a great SEARCH feature that can help you find a great wealth of information.
and ditto to what playr said.
you got lots of reading and research ahead of you.

I will say that alot of members are favoring the gen4 3sgte from a caldina as opposed to the 3rd gen 3sgte from a gt-4.
read up on that as well.
The 4th gen 3sgte is where it is at. You can one on Ebay for around $1100 shipped to you. Make sure it comes with uncut wiring and the ECU. Then you can send the engine wiring it to either MR2Prime or Wiregap and they will build a plug-in-play harness for you. If you want 400 hp you will most likely need to rebuild the motor with forged internals and look at some different turbo options. There is definitely a lot of information on this site for you. 6gc has been a big help in my build. If you look at my thread you will find a lot of information on what not to do and why doing your research is important before you get started. It is here:
Good luck!
your biggest hurdle is you have an ST. you will also need a GT transmission, or an E153 from a camry or solara. you will also need all 4 engine mounts. 3 of them are OEM for the GT but the passenger side will need to be custom. or drill the frame to take a GT mount

I can do everything for you. labor will be about 2K. you supply all the parts.
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