Hey all on the 6GC forums.

I have a few Toyota's a 5SFE 5GC a SV25 Camry All-Trac (3SFTE) and really I just wanted to say #1 Thank you guys for all the knowledge you have pooled together on building 5SFTE's and 7AFTE's it has been much obliged. #2 I have had a really great time weeding through the threads seeing and seeing all of the times that people have asked

"Is this a built motor?"
"Will turbo model XXXXX Bolt directly onto an MR2 manifold?"
"Do I REALLY need to have an aftermarket ecu?"
"What are those tubes coming from the turbo doing?"
"Can I turbo my Celica for 300$ while at college with no backup car in one weekend while driving on 87 octane?"

You guys get the gist.
Thanks! -Thedeadhp