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Full Version: stuck inner cv-joint on driver side
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Hey guys I have a 94 Celica ST and trying to replace the CV axle on the driver side, i got the new one and i cant get the old one out, the inner cv-joint is stuck in the transmission, is there a trick to getting these out?
Pry bar and wiggling the inner joint while prying or the special C shaped thing on the slide hammer they'll rent you.
Either two pry bars to yank it out straight, or - my new favorite method - slide hammer and metal string. Try to get it with just a single pry bar, and you'll be there all day cursing everything around you.

There's a C-clip in there and that requires a good jerk to remove. But, if you pinch it, it won't move, hence why you need to pull it perpendicular to the transmission as much as possible.

Autozone loaner 5lb slide hammer, and a piece of sturdy rope or metal wire, come out on first yank. Don't bother with their "CV axle" adapter, it's total crap that hardly fits on any CV joints.
When I did this with my buddy we wrapped a ratcheting tie-down around the tulip and went to town on it.
wow thank you for all of the responses! I cannot get it with a pry bar alone unfortunately. I tried taking a sludge and putting rope around it and making a slip knot around the inner cv-joint and still nothing kindasad.gif I guess ill look at the sliding hammer idea smile.gif, I never used one or have any idea of what you guys are talking about with using the rope with the sliding hammer, can someone send me a example of how to set it up with a sliding hammer? sorry for the noob question guys and thank you for all of your help!

That goes on the end of a slide hammer.

Otherwise that sledge and rope thing works but you need to use chain and really get a big hard swing going.
In my case, we anchored one end of the loop on a structural part of his garage and the other end on the tulip. With a taut strap, we were able to get force on the axle as we pounded the tulip out, alternately ratcheting. This was a last-ditch MacGyver tactic after fighting for a while with several pry bars.
Sweet ok so I did manage to get it out, here is what the problem was, I started to easily pry on it and then gradually pulled harder and harder with make shift things lol. Anyway the reason it didnt come out was because when I pried on it slowly it must of expanded that ring that holds it in at that point no matter what you do it wont come out, even turning the wheel a little and pulling on it with incredible force, what happened was I hit it back INTO the transmission even tho it physically looked like nothing moved or happened and then spun the wheel and tried to do a quick jolt of force to get it out (doesnt have to be a ton of force either but a pretty good pull) and it came right out! So what really happened was when I hit it back in was that it took the pressure off of the ring and allowed to collapse, at that point i was able to spin the tire and pull on it again with a quick little jolt and out it came! smile.gif Thank you sooo much for all of your help! And I hope this post will help others in the future as well!
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