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Full Version: 1MZ-FE swap
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Hi there, i have found myself in the posession of a 1Mz-fe engine more specifically a low milage toyota camry v6 and was looking to swap the engine into a 1999 Celi i will be getting soon. I am new to this kind of stuff and don't know much but i am fortunate enough to be close to a mechanic who can help me work out the details. Im shure its been covered before but ive never found a trulu complete guide. So im just wondering what all will i need to take from the camry for the swap? And will the camry being auto and the celi being manual make things too difficult? And what are the biggest issues to overcome in this swap? (fabrications and donor parts and such) as soon as i can ill get back with the year of the Camry. ive been in love with celicas seince i was 10 years old and 7 years later im finally in a position to get one im so exited so thank you all in advance! biggrin.gif
lol, you need the engine from the camry...

get in touch with smaay. he will be your best help.. he can even get you a mount

read, then read again. then read again
Thanks so much i appreciate the links a ton!

Ok a few questions raised after the article

Power steering pump:
Do i need it out of the camry, and if so just the pump or other components?

Is the Fuel return system just a smog thing?
Because in Minnesota theres no smog oe emissions test unles youre super loud.

Wire harness:
Is this gunna be too complex? I dont have much wiring experianceb is there anyone i could pay to do this for me? And do i need the harness and ecu out of the camry or the celi or both?

Engine mounts:
Do any mounts still fit or do i need to get all new ones? Is there a guide anywhere because i have some fabrication experiance but if not is therr someone i coule pay?

Does the transmission bolt strait up?
Because the engine is from an auto camry and the celis transmission Is manual, or will i need to do somthing more?

Manual exhaust header:
I read that gettiing one of these is benificial yes?

Whats the deal with these will they still function properly or not i read somthing about it in one of the links but didnt understand 100%

Are there any other parts i need from the camry or any other car besides those mentioned?

And what are the most major obsticles and problems to have to solve for this swap? Thanks guys!
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