First, omg i have been looking for help and a celica page for a month lol.
I just got a 97 celica st a month ago and im looking forward to posting pictures and asking for help and hints for turboing it soon.
Might as well ask now, what set up have you guys used for turboing your celica? i saw the how to turbo page and it was awesome and well explained.
But does anyone have a website they buy there parts from? Should i upgrade internals such as pistons and rods ect if i do around 7-8 pounds of boost?
im so happy i found a forum you guys have no idea lol, this is my first project car. Ive literally been looking for a car for a year and finally fell across mine
with 66k miles on it, manual tranny, stage 2 clutch, i think i have performance injectors im not sure yet i have to look more close. Ill post pictures soon as i get some.