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Full Version: Celica performance mod questions
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Not sure if I am posting this in the right area, but I just bought my dream Celica and want to put some minor mods on it. It is a 5sfe 5 speed daily driver. I was thinking of an injen cold air intake and an exhaust. Any suggestions on brands or types would be appreciated. I have been building muscle cars for the last few years and know very little about the import world anymore.
90% of everything that would in turn make this chassis faster will have to be custom. Kind of useless putting mods on a economy camry engine. Sure it will allow for a little power gain, but most would say save it and invest into a 3sge/3sgte or V6.

i did the same mods on my 7afe a while back ago.

i have an exhaust for sale if your interest. check the buying/selling section.
Just go with whatever on the intake really, main thing is that it's a true cold air that goes into the fender and just doesn't sit there in the engine bay. Performance gains will be negligible, so really only do it if you're wanting the induction noise. Same with exhaust really, just go with what sounds good to you. Money is best spent on handling mods in my opinion; springs/struts or coil-overs along with sway bars and some good tires and it'll handle like it's on rails.
yeah like everyone said, intake and exhaust will get rid of that temporary itch to want to mod, but it won't really do much. N/A the celis don't do much. You can opt for a turbo build but those do add up quick and anyone who's done it on here usually ends up going 3sgte later on anyways.

If you're a muscle car kinda guy, then you might wanna look into the v6 builds on here. No one has tried a v8 as far as I know but if you want, you could be the first. shake things up around here. haha

but welcome and feel free to ask questions. look up the stickies and project threads. lots of reading to be done.
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