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Full Version: Need troubleshooting ideas/help
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My Celica wouldn't start about a month ago, sat at my girlfriends house for about a week, that day I drove it, then she drove it, ran fine, normal, she picked me up from work in her car, and when I got her place, my Celica wouldn't start, it was about 1am, **** it I thought, I have to be up for work in 5 hours, I'll look at it when I get the chance. A week later I tried starting it, no luck, would rev, but not turn over, inspecting the engine I noticed one of the spark plug wires was up a bit highee than the others, so I pressed it back down, started up just fine, ran great for several weeks...then, I drove home from work one night, parked it, got up the next morning, wouldn't start again.
I figured it was the spark plug wires, they were pretty old and hard to get in and out, I bought new wires, put them in, no luck. My buddy suggested the fuel pump, so I bought a new one, he put it in for me, and ran several tests, no codes for check engine, piston rings in cylinder four are shot, about 50 psi (1-3 are between 120-130), and he said he can't hear the fuel pump coming on when the key is turned.

He chased the wire to the fuel pump/circuit opening relay, we got three of those from pick n pull, he tried them all but no luck, now we're confused and not sure what to look for, I'm thinking fuses or something electrical. When I got home that night (after he tried all the relays), I tried starting it, and it started right up, fuel pump was humming, engine sputtered at first, then maintained idle rpms, I wanted to test drive it, but I had a tire that was almost flat. The next day I tried to start it, wouldn't turn over again!!
I've replaced the fuel pump relay, fuel pump/circuit opening relay, and efi relay. Any suggestions! ?
The fuel pump in our cars doesn't prime until the engine is actually cranking, so that's why your friend can't hear it hum when you turn the key on. Have you checked your distributor cap and rotor? Or tried spraying starting fluid in the intake when you are trying to crank it? I think you are overthinking the issue by trying to replace relays. I'd bet it is something much simpler.
We'll try that, I think it's something simple as well. Besides what you suggested already, what else do you think we should try?
Check the distributor and then I'd also check the crank sensor.
QUOTE (Box @ Mar 16, 2017 - 7:36 PM) *
Check the distributor and then I'd also check the crank sensor.

Thank you
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