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Full Version: 3S-GE Beams 187hp VVTI Pulley problem!! Please help, urgent.
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Hi everyone i have the 3sge beams engine with the black cover not redtop . 187hp version that came in rav4 etc

The problem is that the vvti system is making a constant noise and gets louder with the rpms. Car feels really down on power , most likely because the engines timing gets retarded.

The valve cover is now open and both cams are removed. I have sourced another VVTI pulley but this one is from a BLACKTOP Altezza RWD engine !! Can it be used on my FWD Beams?
im not following... Pulley? whats a pulley????
you mean the cam gear? if they are both from a blacktop it should be fine
The part number is 13050-74020 and cross references between the MR2, RAV4, Celica and Altezza, so yes, it is interchangeable. Did you check the oil control valve and filter before assuming the pulley has gone bad? What weight oil are you using? Are you positive that the noise wasn't coming from the timing belt, maybe the tensioner got loose and timing skipped a tooth?
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