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Full Version: I need some help with my '94 GT
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I just recently bought a '94 Celica GT. First car. I'm trying to get information on the best things to do to these cars. My mileage is a little iffy. Like 290,000 miles iffy... The car is in decent shape. Paint needs work. Anyway, I need suggestions on how to fit body kits properly, engine maintenance, etc. It would be appreciated. Unfortunately for car building purposes, I'll be going to college here in a couple of months and well things are gonna be tight financially.
First off welcome. Second, the answer I have to give probably isn't the one you want to hear. Truth be told if you're going to college and finances will be tight the best thing you can do is take care of maintenance and put away a nest egg for any things that pop up on you. A more fun answer is that once finances can accommodate such one of the best things to do with the Celica is the suspension, springs/struts or coil-overs and sway bars along with good summer tires will make it handle like it's on rails.
I agree with Box. Make sure the motor is healthy. Do all the basic maintenance (timing belt, serpentine belt, and change all fluids) and start saving. I can speak from experience, doing performance mods to a Celica can get expensive.
Thank you guys, I appreciate it.
Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I heard the 5SFE motors are practically bulletproof when well maintained. I plan on babying it until funds come my way. Haha.
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