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Full Version: Raising boost and compression ratio
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Hi I'm probably going to do a forged rebuild this summer and I'm just wondering on peoples experience with boost and compression ratios.

It's a 3sgte rev3 and I am tempted to run about 15-16 psi with a 9:1 compression ratio, i know its only .5 up from stock but there is a fair bit more boost to go with it.
I should also be able to get front mounted intercooler by then and will of fitted decat downpipe, 3 inch front pipe and possibly a hybrid turbo from gt4 play.
I always fill up with tesco momentum which is 99RON and can always fit a water/methonal injection system if needs be for running the boost and compression ratio i want.

So yeah if anyone has done something similar to what i want or thinks it's a good/bad idea input is always welcomed, cheers.
The 4th gen 3sgte has 9:1 compression pistons and can run up to 17 psi of boost on 93 octane fuel. I would think you could run that on your 3rd gen as as long as you get a standalone ECU tuned to handle those changes. When you change the compression of an engine you need to adjust the fuel and ignition timing appropriately.
Ahh yeah forgot about having to change the ignition timing, I'd have the same problem with lowering the compression too i would imagine?
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