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Hi All,

Been active on the FB pages so thought I should share here.
I am building my dream ST202. I have had a number of Celica’s in my car history, but this one called “Sky” is my forever car. It’s my 100th car I have owned. I have become obsessed with getting this on spot on.
Currently she is in a complete very smart state, awaiting a full tear down from top to bottom and a total new build.
Planned Spec is as follows.
Based upon a rev 3 3sge block and head
Block – Chemically cleaned, line honed and corrected, 86.5mm bore
Gen 3 Genuine Toyota 86.5mm pistons and completion spec Rings
Forged H Beam lightweight connecting rods
Tri-metal completion bearings
Dynamically balanced, ground and polished crankshaft
ARP cylinder head studs
Competition MLS head gasket
Uprated Piper valve springs
Ported Cylinder head
Shimless “solid” lightweight lifters
Long Duration high lift camshafts (ground from blanks)
Piper Venier Pulleys
Hurley Phenolic inlet gasket
Hurley 45mm throttle body kit, using Jenvy Throttle bodies
Custom intake
Ramair Air filter
Hurley 24-2 wasted spark trigger kit – (magnetti Sensor)
Celica T230 Coil packs
New Injectors
Adjustable fuel regulator
Upgraded fuel pump, twin set up with swirl pot
Alloy Rad
Custom expansion tank
Billet oil cap
Custom painted rocker cover
Ally Catch tank
Aeroquip hosing throughout
Misimoto PAS cooler
New starter motor and alternator
Custom water pump
Remote electrical thermostat
Exhaust is as follows
Japspeed Ceramic coated Exhaust manifold
HKS Super dragger exhaust system
This will be run on a custom loom by a link G4+ Fury ECU

S54 box fully rebuilt
Kaaz LSD
ARP flywheel bolts
Hurley lightweight 3sge flywheel
Black diamond stage 2 clutch
Toyota new release bearing
BRD poly gearshift bushes
TRD short shifter kit
New Toyota master cylinder
Rebuilt Drive shafts

All new refurbished hubs front and rear
Powder coated rear beam, cross members and wishbones
Super strut front cross members
Super strut steering rack
BRD poly steering bushes
Whiteline and GT4 – play poly bush kit throughout front and rear
Cusco front under brace
Front strut brace
BC BR coilovers
Hardrace rear arms
Ultra rear sway bar
Whiteline drop links
Powder coated front sway bar
GT4 rear strut brace
All new inner and outer tie rods, ball joints etc
All new Toyota bolts, nuts, washers and fixings
Custom spacers front and rear

KSport 8 pot front calipers in red with 330mm discs and blue stuff pads
Ksport 4 pot rear calipers in red with TBC discs and blue stuff pads
Custom brake stopper
ABS stripped out
AP racing brake proportioning valve
All new lines

Wheels and tyres
Rays Volk GTP Daytona 17 x 8 lightweight rims
215 40 falken rubber

Battery relocated to the boot
BRD poly engine mounts
Custom vented bulkhead for intake
Seam welded engine bay
Smoothed and tucked engine bay
TBC body kit
Carbon rear plate surround, number plates and window deflectors
Carbon capped mirrors
Smoothed rear tailgate, no badge, or rear wiper or high level brake light
Import rear lights with LED conversion
Rear diffuser
Rolled front and rear arches
All New rubbers
New windscreen
Carbon hood with custom vents
Projector front lights
Crystal indicators
Colour change
Fully painted inside and out

Dash 2 pro electronic dash
Tablet with Android Link software for centre dash display
Custom leather front and rear seats and door panels
Mono Monte Carlo steering wheel
New carpets
Hyper sport mats
LED interior lighting
Leather trimmed interior inc dash
Alloy pedals and accents etc
Plus More

Current state of play is as follows
I have the engine all built. It’s sat waiting in the garage
17498470_10212145758510341_2285727355440895122_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
17458125_10212145758870350_7968047748287389662_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr

I have pretty much all the parts bar the body kit, rear brakes, and ecu plus dash
Current state of the interior
IMAG3205 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG3204 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG2639 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Current engine bay
15541983_10211189839132954_7436297401766375026_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr

The car is going to go soon up to the shop which is helping me with this, so it can be tore down to a bare shell.

Then it will be stripped back to bare metal, any rust damage etc fixed and the metal work mods can start.

I plan to have the car built over the course of this year and then ready for the 2018 show and track day year.

The car is being built to the best I can do, so it’s all new bolts and the best I can afford in terms of set up.
A set of track rims is under consideration, with track rubber, as the car will see track action, along with show and shine work etc

The car is slightly famous already, I purchased it last summer, from a good friend, who had already started the mods and got the car featured in a car magazine.
IMAG1945 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr

How I first got car
IMAG1944 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG1943 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG1942 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr

Since I have owned the car, I have added a lot of mods, that I already had, such as Koni adjustable suspension for the front and KYB for the rear with Eibach springs, the rims, the interior, the lights, the HKS and K& N filters, chrome detailing etc.
How she sits right now
16427464_10211671652297982_5365202565806282193_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG2681 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG3194 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr

The car is super straight and very very clean; I wanted the best base for the build possible.
Anyway below are a few pics to give you the idea.
I should explain that all the current mods and parts fitted to the car, like the genuine ss3 spliters front and rear, adj shocks etc, will be kept, as while the car is being built, I plan on getting another 6 and modding that for the wife. Although she has a project Mazda. I have lots more pics if people are interested. From small stuff like the TRD fuel cap, to the full engine build. Happy to post if anyone wants some more pics or info?
Few more parts pics
carbon mirror caps with puddle lights
IMAG2637 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG2634 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
lowered on Eibach springs
IMAG2617 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
rear seats with head rests
IMAG2388 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
GT4 rear brace
IMAG2386 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
IMAG2342 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
crystal vs stock indicators
IMAG2076 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
TRD filler cap
IMAG2011 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
New filler neck to go on brand new toyota
IMAG2000 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Volvo washer jets
IMAG1956 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
couple more engine pics
17424644_10212145757070305_8760239918016161734_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
17309760_1270808206329716_6297251304725578772_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
17264107_10212069433362260_6280999380765016962_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
rear carbon plate and surround
16473617_10211671651337958_2218694586403456461_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Manifold and downpipe, not yet coated
14457351_10210339169506745_8720079842920876168_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
14333097_10210207395612480_2835658052139904759_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Rear beam
14322337_10210207398052541_1409568777546314800_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Exhaust HKS
14199595_10210101834333514_8372068187105666687_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
14102736_10210101831813451_2417304133155332523_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
14117921_10210101832933479_4660250028945179379_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
rear clear brake light
13962622_10209933741531299_502090890368163828_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Suspension fixings
13925089_10209926752236571_3464047106471436601_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Billet Works oil cap
13726576_10209701659929404_5032679140603382231_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
216 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
215 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
214 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
205 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Rear sway bar
204 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Hardrace rear arms and Cusco brace
203 by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Carbon wind deflectors
15192765_10210941187316814_4810722722868910529_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Lots more too, but thought I would share a few more.
Wow haven't seen a build like this in a while. Brakes seem overkill? Maybe save the money and go ST205 brakes? But my guess is that you want that set up because you can get a 2 piece rotor configuration...
Hi, cheers for the feedback. Brakes are a bit OTT, but as you say, I want the rotor set up. The bias valve will help as we dial them in, as I am dumping the abs too.
Very nice setup.
What is your impression on the Ksport brakes?
No idea, not on the car yet, won't be until the shell is stripped and build up starts. Having had custom bells with 330mm discs with 205 calipers before on my 165, I hope they are a match for those if not a step up. Huge amount of work still to do on the build.
Cheers for the feedback.
wow! very interesting build. looking forward to seeing more of this.
Gorgeous! Great taste.
Few recent shots inside and out.
New handbrake parts after pattern stuff failed and some new carbon Fibre goodies!
17883556_10212294650232541_4096861997155109158_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
17800485_10212294653552624_5111001236905149639_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
17799269_10212294652432596_1332792630657591718_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
17796859_10212294651472572_792270052022392678_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
17634697_10212294653272617_918556076614511088_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
18157693_10212496703323742_2022314849094652888_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
18301669_10212601409781338_8891410220798927482_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
18301710_10212601409381328_1671452117951056220_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
18342409_10212601408821314_4066372812911924401_n by Richard Morrow, on Flickr
Very happy with the carbon parts, lot more to come. Just ordered coil packs for the motor, and sadly having to do a quick overhaul of the Master cylinder as brakes are a touch soft despite bleeding. but hey ho, its a celica, always parts to fix
anything yet???
Nice work! Those CF parts will surely make your car more sporty looking.
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