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Full Version: Mechanical failure at what milage
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Since many Celicas are advancing their mileage after all these years, what mechanical failures have you had and at what mileage did you have that failure. Were you stranded while traveling? I am planning some rather long trips cross country and want to be prepared for anticipated failures!
I've owned my 6gc for over 3 years now and it's just about to crack 300,000 Kms (185,000 miles) and have been on a decent amount of long road trips though Australia and have yet to encounter any major problems,
these cars as long as you keep them serviced they seem to go forever!

With that being said I've had multiple friends now with 5th gen Celicas (same engine as mine, 5sfe) that have been trashed their whole life and all of them ended up with big end bearing failure and had to pay to be towed back home
Like anything it's mostly dependant on how the car is treated and maintained more than anything else. A car that's not abused and taken care of is much less likely to leave you stranded than one that's been abused and neglected. If you want to be prepared you can bring along a gallon of 50/50 coolant, a few quarts of oil, a quart of brake fluid, and some power steering fluid along with a tire plugging kit. Then if something does pop up you should be able to get to somewhere safe instead of sitting on the side of the road at god knows where.
Thanks for the replys so far. Many posts have submitted high mileage numbers. Hopefully some of these can advise any mechanical failures occurring while racking up those incredible miles!

Approximately around 230-250k I started to have a few mechanical failures. Nothing that left me stranded save for a distributor cap that broke. As far as high mileage road trips, do what's needed/will be needed during the trip (oil/coolant, etc). If you want to take stuff with you then take the usual fluids that will allow you to get somewhere for repairs. What I do before extended (1500+ mile trip) is oil, coolant and trans fluid changes (it gives me piece of mind) I also check electrical systems, clean corrosion from battery/starter. While Im doing all that I look for any parts that might be suspect and change those as well. To track all of that I use the carfax app, its really quite handy.
Thx for the replies and suggestions -- So far no mechanical failures at 110K! Just normal wear out items (PVC leakage/replacement, etc!)
I'm at 214,000 miles, my Celica is a 98 model and the following things needed replacing between 130k to 200k:

1) an oil seal around the oil pump broke and oil would drip about a quart every 10 minutes. (timing belt was replaced too)

2) all 4 shocks, and shock mounts

3) front and rear motor mounts

4) flex pipe after the first catalytic converter ( i have a non federal type celica with 2 catalytic converters)

5) second catalytic converter joints ( they rusted really bad, broke)

6) valve cover gasket

7) had to apply teflon tape on one of the spark plug tubes, because oil was leaking into the spark plug tube.

8) had to clean and reassemble the brake calipers with new hardware , because one was stuck in the back, so i did all 4.

9) had to replace a part that would allow my air conditioner fan to work correctly, it only used to work when at full speed. i forgot the name of that part. it was an easy fix

10) put some tape on the top of the headlights because water would seep into them when it rained.

11) replaced many parts that deal with emissions (egr valve etc.)

12) replaced radiator

Also I need to replace the charcoal canister because it is failing somehow (check engine light is on).

I need to find the source of another small oil leak behind the engine, (could be distributor oil seal)

and lastly I need to fix the cruise control. It doesn't work at all.

other than those, the car has been very reliable.

the oil seal and radiator where the only big ones that could have stranded me, but they happened close to my home, so I didn't get stranded.
I'm at 333,000 miles! Woo! Today I had suspension failure. I've had the car for a while and pretty sure it was stock struts. I've been living on whindy, mountain gravel roads for 4 years now and only my suspension has taken a toll. I replaced the alternator and fuel pump (after failure) about 100,000 miles ago. And recently replaced drums and rotors (those lasted me around 5 years - those mountain roads!

Oh, my all aluminum radiator, that was in the car when I bought it, finally gave way. Luckily, I have a spare fiberglass one.

At around 290k, my car officially started smoking more than Snoop Dogg.

Something weird happened around 300k where the inside of both front wheels were gouged out and became difficult to balance. Thank you whoever invented 1000g wheel weights.

240k, I replaced the driver side CV axle. Then I realized the spring on the seal was compromised AFTER I replaced the CV axle. So, I had to disassemble, replace seal and reinstall at 11 pm in the parking lot of Trader Joe's.

About 10k ago, I replaced the valve cover gasket set. I suggest to anyone reading to do this BEFORE you see any oil seeping. Just ask yourself, "When was my valve cover last replaced?" If you don't know the answer to the question, go ahead and replace the sumbit. It was a pain to remove those dried out seals.

Overall, this car has been incredible! Great torque going up the mountain roads and doesn't lose traction on driveways that all the trucks around me need 4WD. Beautiful car and a wonder to own and drive.

I've always told everyone I'll drive this thing 'till the wheels fall off. Well, one wheel (almost) fell off. I'm putting it back on tomorrow and keeping on.
My auto transmission gave out at approximately 200,900 miles in October 2015. The two previous owners worked it like hell, and the entire thing had to be rebuilt.

Other issue I encountered was the ECU and rev limiter wouldn't allow me to accelerate past 40mph, or above 3,500 RPM. Never figured out what caused it, but it cleared up after letting the car sit for a week, and letting the battery die. Happened at about 201k miles, after the rebuild.
My old Celica had almost 300,000 miles on it before I decided to part and get a new body. Went on a 2,600 mile trip around NYE in 2013/14 when she was down around 260,000 or so and had no major problems. Only two minor things were the mudflap broke on the drivers rear from the rot there and the water temp wire broke so that freaked me out. Otherwise she was running really strong with no issues.

On my current one, I had the waterpump go on me during a track day, but I had never replaced anything since I bought her so I had a feeling something was going to give laugh.gif
If you keep up on general maintenance then you'll more than likely be golden.
225k miles on a 98 GT.

Replaced Radiator after it blew up
Replaced the water pump
Replaced the belts when I first got her 6 years ago

All good in the hood since then
Wouldn't that be all good under the hood? tongue.gif
QUOTE (Box @ Apr 21, 2017 - 4:03 PM) *
Wouldn't that be all good under the hood? tongue.gif

Dammit Box. laugh.gif
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