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Full Version: Installing Indiglo Gauges
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My project for the day was installing indiglo gauges on a GT. The process for ST and GT4 should be the same. This is my first write up so bear with me.

Step 1 locate these two screws under the dashboard and remove them.

then remove the trim piece and disconnect the wire harness to the dimmer.

Step 2 got one of these screwdriver attachments?

If so, you'll be glad you do. This spot does not leave much room to work in. Locate these two screws in the upper piece of trim and remove them.

then remove these two lower screws holding the piece.

now remove the trim piece.

So far so good!
Step 3 remove the two lower screws in the white plastic.

then remove the two upper screws in the white plastic.

Step 4 now pull the gauge cluster forward and slip your hand around behind it. You may not be able to see them but there are three harnesses plugged in. You can know them by feel from the push in buttons on the top that allow them to be pulled out.

Step 5 Now that you've gotten the gauges out of the dash there are push ins on the back you can release it with and it comes apart in three layers as shown.

Step 6 slide your new indiglo gauges over the needles. Use your thumb to keep the needle from moving as you do so you don't upset your gas gauge or speedometer. Then simply find a good hot and a good spot to ground at. I used my daytime running lights as hot and ran a line under the trim to ground to a bolt holding the seat to the floor. I decided to paint mine a bit as I had it open and make it look good.

For paint, I used rustoleum metallic gold.
I began by carefully masking the piece using 3M 2" masking tape (it's actually 1.88" but it's commonly called 2"). I purposely left a slight overlay onto the area I would be painting since it's not a hard angle but a slightly rounded one.

This allowed me to go over it afterwards with a razor blade and very carefully trim the excess away, leaving it with perfect clean and uniform lines.

I then sprayed it with two light coats followed by one medium wet coat, allowing for five to ten minutes flash time between each coat and let it dry for about half an hour before removing the tape.

Any way, enjoy your indiglo gauges!

wow thats cool I'm definitely gonna have to try this. Where'd you get that those woody dash pieces?
Thanks for the write up. looks great. Quick question, how bright are your needles at night? They look dark in the photo, just wondering if the indiglo gauges effect the amount of light coming through from underneath to illuminate them?
Thanks, folks. I don't like the wood grain, it came with the car I guess the previous owner put it in. I'll be taking it out and replacing it lol the needles are fairly bright, but not as bright as I'd like so I'll have to get new bulbs for them.
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