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Full Version: I have no remote, factory alarm?
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I bought a 1999 Toyota Celica GT hatchback about a month ago, ive noticed there is a red LED in between the A pillar and the Dash. On the windshield next to the A pillar there is a small black antenna labeled "Directed HF Plus". I didnt get a key fob or remote with the car and if I pull the door handles while Celica is locked nothing happens. Can somebody help me? Do celicas come with a factory alarm? How do I turn the alarm on and off? Any information would help Thank You.
Photos of the stuff would help, not sure it's OEM but it could be.
Check under the seat if there's a module. If it does, you just need the remote then.
That's some type of aftermarket alarm. You'll need to find where they hid the control module (somewhere behind the dash probably - follow the wires from the light. You may still be able to find replacement remotes if it's a more popular alarm, but you'll need the FCC numbers off the control module and do some research from there (eBay is good for that).

Could also be that the alarm had been removed but they didn't bother with the light or antenna, in which case the light wires will go nowhere - more common than you'd think.

OEM alarm has the light with microphone and says "TOYOTA SECURITY" next to it.
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