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Full Version: Catalytic converter without support arms
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I need to reinstall the main cat, but i dont have the two support arms. Is it a bad idea to go ahead anyway?
These are the brackets i don't have:

The cat including downpipe weighs over 13kg, which will all be hanging on the turbo. Is it too much without the brackets?

I know i have asked this before, but this time the install will be permanent.
I don't have first hand experience, but it's not just the weight but also the rocking of the engine back and forth tugging on the exhaust, turbo, and manifold that you need to consider. Those brackets seem fairly important if they're made of cast iron on a GT4. You should try to fabricate some kind of support bracketry or track down some OE ones, it would be a shame to damage your turbo, manifold, or new piping.
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